- Wednesday, 28 November 2012

"No soy yo, son mis hormonas!" It's not me, It's my hormones!

Have you ever said this? I have, and yeah I don't feel bad anymore. I used to feel there was something wrong with me but step by step I have realised it is pointless to feel bad.
It is our nature and it's beautiful to be aware of it and to be able to know why our mood changes every five minutes!

You are not alone! We are all here with the same thing going on!
"I like this guy!", “I hate him!”, "I can't deal with this anymore!", "Of course I can!" "I love you!", "I do not really love him very much!", "So many hot guys in that place!", "No even one handsome guy!"

Yes there are these, and many more things, in our minds every day! But this is how it is! Do not try to change it! We are as contradictory as black and white! 
  • a regulatory substance produced in an organism and transported in tissue fluids such as blood or sap to stimulate specific cells or tissues into action.
  • a synthetic substance with a similar effect to that of an animal or plant hormone.
  • (hormones) a person’s sex hormones as held to influence behaviour or moodshe told herself she was suffering from hormones, that she would cheer up soon

I am a girl, we are girls! And it is great to be a girl! It’s fun to feel this craziness! Or isn’t it? How boring would it be otherwise! Hahaha. Well, as long as you are aware it's starting to be fun!

Let your hormones go. Yeah we are managed by them sometimes (or all the time) - not sure about that bit. If anyone knows more please let me know.

Tell us how you feel and maybe we can come to some conclusions after talking about our different experiences.

Feel free to speak here! We want to share our feelings with you!
Enjoy your hormones, it’s the best way to deal with them. 

Be aware!


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