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We all grow differently

Yes we do. And it’s ok. I'm going to talk about long-term relationships now, if that’s alright with you. I am 18, my boyfriend is 23 and we are about to have 6 year relationship. Will we be the same people after this time? Well, I hope not! Obviously we won’t be, as we change every second - some people more so than others - but we ALL do. We are a process, not a static thing. We all grow and the most interesting thing is that we do it at different speeds. Some people develop their social skills faster; others their knowledge in terms of theories and information; and some people develop their command of their bodies, movement and coordination etc. What I mean is that we all have our own unique genes and way of growing. Personally, after that 6 year relationship I was on a different page to my ex-boyfriend, which made us decide to break up; he wanted to live with me and settle down, while I wanted to go travelling and discover more about the world and about myself. I

Life seems not to have meaning sometimes, I know, but…

YOU HAVE TO CREATE IT! Why am I shouting? Yeah, I am shouting at you because it seems that everyone around me is sleeping and blind to the GREAT things we have! And yes, you may be thinking right now: ‘ but you are blind to the bad things we have to deal with!’ YES I AM! Because I want to be! I am going to be here for a few more years, no idea how many, and I am not going to be looking for the things that frustrate me more than anything else. The time I have here I want to enjoy as much as possible and I want to become the best version of myself and bring out the best in you! So if you have a boring, sad and miserable 'sleeping life' (or even just one of the three) it is because you want it! I don’t want to be too hard on you and again I don’t want to forget about those who are less fortunate. I’ve always considered myself very lucky but I have worked at it by thinking this way and attracting what I want. It’s not magic! It is all about focusing on what makes you feel go


If we had NO BRAIN - uff that doesn’t even bear thinking about! EVERYTHING is in our MIND. They thought SHE was hot, was dancing well and was nicely dressed. So they (two guys) were dancing and touching her sensually. They were getting turned on! Suddenly they found out SHE was a LADYBOY! :/ Oops... They were shocked and felt disgusted by her. They complained about what she had been doing with them! Is it her/his fault? Of course not! Guys, be ready! This can happen! And again, it is all in OUR MIND! In fact, our body is happy to go for it! So if it’s our mind which is not letting us get excited by a Ladyboy, perhaps it is limiting us in other areas of our life where we are not getting the results we want! If we could manage our thoughts, could we get turned on by anyone who we find even remotely attractive??? YES! Can we then enjoy our life at any given moment, just by MANAGING OUR THOUGHTS? YES! Have fun at the parties!!!!

GOOD NEWS! We DO NOT need ours BRAINS in order to have SEX.

WOOOOOOWWW what a book I just read! Amazing! Tantric sex. Yes Tantric SEXXX. It is a type of meditation, and seems to be the easiest form for humans as WE ARE MADE FROM SEX! This is what the book said. But, in fact, we are made when two people make love, have sex (or whatever other way you want to refer to it) so I would say that it makes sense that sex is the closest thing to us. It still seems to be a taboo theme sometimes, but not in this Blog as you know. So, let me provide you with some more of the insights from this fun book. Tantra doesn’t teach sexuality - I know, sorry for the disappointment! – but it is a source of happiness. It is a bridge. It connects you with the "other side", the universal energy. Please keep reading ;) You have to MELT into a hug, when eating, or during sex! That way these things become part of you, and you and your partner disappear, leaving only a kiss, a hug or excitement left in the room! So Tantra is not only about tantric sex, b

Making decisions to choose a job VS. deciding what person to date with.

I know my neuronal connexions tend to relate different things with each other, but thats my nature, what can I do!!!! Thinking too much to decide something usually is not the best option. Do you remember these times, when you were spontaneous, you didn't think much about if you wanted to do it or not, you just went for it! Like if something inside was telling you to? If you haven't, mmm keep thinking. We can actually never know if a decision is right or is not, as there is always an OPPORTUNITY COST, where we have to renounce to something to get something else. So, whatever we do this will happen. But sometimes we feel like something is right about certain decisions and we just go for it without thinking too much! Yeah I know sometimes when it doesn't go as expected, you learn and say, next time I will think about it twice! But if you keep thinking, I am SURE there was at least A BENEFIT of having taken that decision, if you dont find it, mmm keep thinking. ;) Well

Are women looking for the father of their children all the time?

Why do we tend to remember the wrong things? What a question, right? Now, being an analytical person, I could ask but what  is  wrong? And do we always remember them? This is such a lie already !  We make so many  assumptions in life all the time, it’s crazy!! Ok now let me write what I was going to write if that’s alright with you. Is it because we are looking for a good person to be with our kids?   Have you ever thought about this? Obviously in our subconscious mind kids are somewhere. They already occupy a space before they are born, even for women that don’t want to have any. In the same way that we all see the mistakes in a theatre show, we remember when a guy wrongs us (women). In lesbian cases I would need to investigate this a bit more… For example, your boyfriend sleeps with another woman while you are away travelling, and then you find out (it would not make sense if you didn’t find it out in this scenario as if you didn’t know you wouldn’t even be a

Have you ever felt you could do almost any guy?

Oh yeah I have! Ggggrrrr you just wanna mmm mmm, yeah that! You wanna have sex!! Ufff sometimes it’s hard to say it, why is that? Is there any regularity to it? Girls, for example, after your period are you more or less horny?   And when you’re in the middle of you ovulation? Let’s make some sense now! What makes sense is that girls have a period which comes every month. Our body starts getting ready to have a baby – yes, a baby! It starts ma king a bag (called the placenta, the place in between the mother and the baby)  to put the baby in. During that process, when we still don’t have "the bag" yet, we can feel as if we don’t have any sexual appetite, we’re not very sexy when we look in the mirror and we’re less motivated to find a guy or a girl (or both depending on the case).  Then that bag gets READY! And, what happens?? I am beautiful! Sexy! Pretty! Awesome! Ready to go! And suddenly there are so many hot guys around! Note: As you know when I say ‘g

Are you listening to your hormones?

Our hormones can give us so much information! As you know they affect us ALL the time. At work, at home, when out, at the gym time, in relationships... If you listen to them they tell you what to eat, how much to eat, when to cuddle someone (and even who!), when to have sex, when not to, when to go out, when to watch a movie, when to dress sexily, when not to, when to go to the gym, when not to, and so on so forth. If you would like to make a BIG contribution to the World PLEASE listen to them and treat them well, give them what they need and your life and the lives of those around you (and me) will improve much more. ;) Wanted to say... I like to call people "walking hormones", just in case I refer to you like so at some point... Hope you had a fantastic weekend! Nerea

What do girls want when a guy approaches them?

Honesty! Be yourself! If you are someone who is shy, don’t worry, just approach the girl and say: "Look, I am really nervous about talking to you, but you know you are so beautiful and I think it would be worth it!" This will sound so sweet and HONEST! We want someone who is passionate about life, someone who knows himself, what he is doing and why. Are you ready to find the girl of your dreams? And, I’m assuming, you also want this girl to think you’re the guy of her dreams?! It’s not about pretending to be something you are not, but working on yourself. Knowing what kind of girl you want and going out and finding it! If she feels that you are just approaching every girl without any sort of filter (and you can bet that she will almost certainly notice if you are!) she won’t like that one bit. So, sit down and reflect. Describe the girl of your dreams - what she looks like and what her personality is like. Visualize her and go look for her. It may be harder to find her,

Is cheating something everybody knows is happening but no one is talking about it?

New business ideas crop up everyday to help stop people who are cheating from being discovered. From private agencies that pay your staff (hotels, restaurants, transport) when traveling to make sure your wife or husband doesn’t find out where you have been, to the privacy settings on all the dating sites such as allowing you to not use your real name, and so on and so forth. It is kind of... mmm... how to explain... somewhere in between disgusting and funny! It is obvious that some couples cheat on each other, whether because they get bored or they just feel attracted to other people, but everyone seems not to be looking at it or even speaking about it! According to statistics 50% of people cheat... Statistics are great, but let’s think about our own real life experiences. I have never been cheated on and have never cheated on anyone. Yet now I think what if this isn’t true? What’s the difference if I don’t know? We don’t really ca

How is this sentence? Girls have sex for love and guys love for sex?

Hahaha, well this sentence makes me laugh! It may be true to some degree! How much does sex affect us? Or, rather, affect men? Isn’t love the most important part? Sometimes I feel like men just act through sexual attraction more than anything else and they think that this is love or something like that. Which one affects them more subconsciously? I am confused. I need some help with this now please! Is it all about sex? How many guys have you slept with and you’ve just lost all hope? lol How much money does the porn industry make? How much do people spend on dating sites? Is anyone really looking for love? Or just for sex? Recently I became an entrepreneur and I have been looking for business partners. I finally found some, after which they both told me they were in love with me. I ask myself, are guys making decisions based on sexual attraction? How much does this affect them? I don’t want to generalize, as of course there are always exceptions and not everyone is the same, but ple

EGO EGO and more EGO!!!!!!!

Yeahhh let’s give THREE CHEERS for the EGO. One day I was in Tel Aviv and I met a girl who said: "The only thing guys have is an ego!" And, automatically, I didn't agree. I was really defending guys! I said ‘nooo it’s not like that...’ But of course this was something which stopped me in my tracks, which caught my attention and kind of made sense to me. Can the ego make guys crazy? Can it take away their intelligence? Can it provoke a stupid reaction? Let me explain the ego in this way: it is as if looking at ourselves as EXCLUSIVE from everything else. (In previous articles I was highlighting how DIFFERENT and UNIQUE we are from each other, so this was a different thing!) No one is indispensable at the end of the day, even if you think you are, you are not – and neither am I. Of course we can make space for ourselves on this planet, but if you or I were to leave today, nothing much would change in the end. Growing is expanding. When we expand our identit

Are we becoming stones?

Are we forgetting how to feel? Are we forgetting what our principles? Are we forgetting how to hug? Are we forgetting how to love? Are we forgetting what is great in life? Are we forgetting how much potential we have? Are we forgetting other people? Are we forgetting our hormones? Are we just frustrated? Do we even know? I keep asking myself this. Why is everything so hard sometimes and so easy at other times? Why don’t these waves stop moving? Why don’t we accept them as they come and enjoy them? Are we loving others? Are we just selfish people at all times? Are we doing everything for ourselves? Do we really care about others? Where is the energy we could be putting into our lives and passing on to others? Where has that gone nowadays? Where are these people who always have a smile and the right attitude in difficult situations? Where are they? Are there any? Today is not a day for conclusions but a day for meditation and thinking. I hope you can understand this an

What is a realationship?

What do we mean by relationship? Do we really want to follow all the rules we have learnt for a relationship? Really? How many dates means we are in a relationship? What type of conversations means we are in a relationship? What kind of things we do with our date means we are in a relationship? How many dates do we have to have to have sex with someone? And, will that mean anything? We are sometimes so condition for all this info someone put in our heads! Can we please stop thinking and start living in our own logical way? Why things make sense for us, how do we get these conclusions? Can we have the best passional, loving momentos with someone we have just met? And feel it as if you knew that person from long time ago? With a perfect tune? If we don't start learning that love is coming from inside ourselves and we can feel it any time we want we can actually not feel it! Make the decision of feeling. This article is with the propose of inspiring and make you thin

Do you like hurting other people?

Have you ever got the feeling, you were happy for the failure of anyone? I guess it may not happen with close friends and family (well for sure there are exceptions) but I mean with someone you don't know very much. Well I have been observing this in myself as I remember I used to kind of preferred to see how people was failing sometimes, I guess this say bad things about me, but now after long time observation! I have found out that it is not about being a bad person!! It is about being unhappy with yourself and frustrated! I know these words sound quite terrible, but let's speak nice now! When we feel bad with ourselves usually all round us is also bad, or not as colourful as when we are proud and super happy with ourselves! Same thing in terms of hurting (so you like hurting instead of doing nice to others?). Is this also because of the frustration? I think so. So if anyone try to hurt you, they may need your help more than anything else. So here you are THE SOLUTI

Do you have the same feelings when touching anyone?

How many times we say: - "He/ she is like if we knew each other from long time ago, I feel so familiar". - "He/ she is so comfortable to hug to". - "I touch he/ she and I feel sooo much" or "I can not really feel anything!". - "There is like a strange tension between us from the beginning". - "He/ she has a good vibe". - "I was thinking about he/ she and surprisingly he/ she just called me!" And when I say "feel" I am speaking about feeling it in your skin, not just only a feeling coming from inside yourself but also a physical feeling! It might sound new or weird as I have never read any article speaking about this, but there is something definitely! Feelings are quite hard to put into words, also this "energy" we always refer to. What do you think it is? How can we explain it? We may have a look at site as she is trying to explain us what it is through her art!

Love without compromise? Is this possible?

The   s ame way as happiness comes from inside ourselves, love is the same. I t  is   not  just about receiving love, but about giving love. When you smile  at someone, usually you get a smile back, so when you love you   will  receive love. Spread it! Which do you remember more the relationships where you were loved, but you didn't love she or he as much as  they   did? Or do you remeber more the ones you loved but they didn't love you that much?

EGO vs Inconditional Love?

Does our affect us and our relationships with people? Definition: "Ego" is a Latin word meaning " I ", which derives from the Greek word "Εγώ (Ego)" meaning "I", often used in English to mean the "self", "identity" or other related concepts. I am comparing ego and love because sometimes without realizing our ego does affect our love.

They don't understand you?

Guys or girls don't understand you, or let's say... nobody understands you!?! Well you are not the only one I have to say. What an amazing conclusion I got the other day after a flash of inspiration!!! ;) We are ALL UNIQUE, it means You are unique! He is unique. She is unique! I am unique!! YESSS!! So, how can anyone understand you? Or understand me? So understand to each other? It doesn't really make sense right!?!

Do you approach guys when you go out?

They love it! Really! Beacuse of the society not sure why we tend to think that guys have to approach girls to get to know them, and then girls just have to look good and smile while the guy has to create an amazing conversation and become crazy asking original and creative quiestions! Well fortunately! This is changing and guys are more confident about theirselves and are looking for girls who can do it too! But of course there are always people who don't know yet! Thats's why I am writing about it to make sure this is accesible to all! So no excuses now! Go and talk to guys, why do they have to come to you? well is good if they do but if you like someone why do you have to wait the whole night for him and then because you lost your focus for one sec he is gone! Don't take that risk take another one more fun! This it's just an adventure! Few things can happen, "Ok situation" - The guy just fall in love straight away because you are

Guys DO NOT say this in the first date... PLEASE

1rs date. Everything looks so perfect, exciting, fun, such a great conversation, his plans match perfectly with the plans I was looking for!! But then suddenly... Guy: "Qué bien el finde que viene JUNTITOS!" (It´s so good next weekend together!) Ups! should I not have planned anything? How can I say NO now? And, it seems I am going to have to spend next two weeks with him! And in the other hand. What if he would not have said that? Would I have thought he is not interested in making plans with me?  And then wrong too? Thanks for reading! Nerea

At least some guys know how girls are...

hahahhaha this is funny! He could not describe us (women) better!!

Female - Males. Different World?

Hello! Just reading this article and highly recomend everyone to read it, it is in Spanish sorry!! But I am sure you can try to understand it a bit, or just start thinking about learning Spanish soon perhaps!! So yeah men and women are different and as soon as we all accept it we will definately get on better with each other! Note from the article from these who can not understand a word: Although exaggerating a bit, men are in the world to be ready for us (women) at any time! Women are in the world to bring babies and choose the best man for it! Everthing might make sense now ;) Have a great day/ night! Nerea

It´s NOT YOU! It´s your HORMONES!

I am telling you, stop thinking you are the one making a mess! Our hormones do affect us and also them! So don't worry that much and just listen to them, give them what they want with the resources you have and relax. You can see in one of the first articles the different states of the hormones I am referring to. I would say... Most of the mental  suffering  moments we have, could be solved through emotional  intelligence . Mean knowing and managing your  thoughts  so your feelings. It is not an easy thing to do when all we have learned at school, university and so on is books! But is never late for it! If you are confident about yourself, happy with yourself and respect yourself, the person you have  relationship  with should not be half of you! Independence and support sounds better for a relationship than dependence because of insecurity I would say. Good night! Good morning! Nerea