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What is this blog?

This blog is about sharing and learning from our experiences and readings. Its purpose is to have fun and to help you and me to deal with our hormones better! As well as understanding the differences between men and women. And what better way is there of doing this than speaking about them, since they are with us the whole time?! It’s about having fun, so it would be better if you read it with a sense of humour – although you are free to read it however you like of course!! I would love to read your opinion or for you to contribute to this continuous learning experience by sharing an article on anything you like - girls, boys, relationships, experiences, hormones etc. Feel free, there’s no pressure to write anything! You will come to different conclusions about yourself and the rest of the world after doing it! See you all soon here!

Do you like challenge things?

If yes, you can breathe and keep calm...! When the guy or the girl you like doesn't like you back as much as you like them it’s probably because you want him/her to like you too much! It pushes the other person away! So it then becomes a challenge for you! A difficult aim to get! Oh yeah that is what we like! And then... it becomes an obsession! So what’s the good news about all this? It's not that we like him/her too much; it’s that we just can’t accept not winning!! If you have ever felt like this just breathe now and be proud of yourself, as people like you usually get what they want! And a good quality to have! Note: I have received some feedback about this article where people were misunderstanding it. If we push someone because we become obsessed how can we then get what we want? Well I guess persistent people get what they want most of the time, but not always. Yes, the advice is to be persistent but if you really want that guy/girl to be with you forever y

Are the girls crazy???

I think we are definitely starting to treat our hormones as a separate person, sorry about that although it makes sense for us...! Another great conversation I had recently... (Speaking about dating a guy) A: Tú qué quieres? ( What do you want?) B: Yo? Yo qué quiero de qué?  ( Me? What do I want about what?) (Como diciendo "Me estás hablando a mi o a mis hormonas?")  (Like saying " Are you speaking to me or to my hormones? ") hahaha Ayayayyyy is that going too far? I hope not. Please if anyone talks like this let us know! It is actually soo fun! Please, let’s have a meeting and let’s tell each other about our hormonal experiences! Doesn’t that sound cool? I would love it! They are affecting us guys. I am sorry, we are sorry, they (speaking about my hormones now) aren’t sorry but I apologise for them if they have hurt any of you. We are sorry... If you guys know how to deal with them please also let us know as we still have a lot to learn everyday

It's definitely my hormones!! - Definitivamente, son mis hormonas!!

Confirmed! They’re crazy, and when they affect us, boy do they affect us! But we have to be stronger than them and make sure that they don’t affect our daily life! How happy they become when we give them what they need when they need it! What an incredible change! Life is great! But no more! From now on life is going to be great all the time, even when they are not satisfied! Every day they surprise you… I know… So surprise them back! Tell them “I know that what you want and I’m very happy knowing it! Haha. It’s fun to do, and when you accept that they are there to stay it’s a laugh! I am going to dedicate today’s theme choice to my “hormonal inspiration”. Someone may have need of this word some time in the future. I myself didn’t know it, so we’re going to find out what it is! Psychological projection: Projection is a defence mechanism which manifests itself in situations of emotional conflict or internal/external threat, and involves attributing one’s own un

Is there any light at the end of the tunnel?

Sometimes you feel like everything is dark, and messy, and there is no escape. After looking internally at myself, most of the times I conclude that I  unhealthy (got a cold or whatever) or... of course... are my hormons inbalanced! (this is "The One" most of the times), so as small and beautiful animals we are, when everything is dark, do not look around you, do not try to find what´s wrong outside yourself! something external to you! Check inside starting by your hormons please. Are they happy? Are they satisfied? What situation are they in? Have they been travelling last days? What stage in the cycle of the month are they at? We usually do speak about how our hormons affect us, but what about starting to speak about what is affecting them? Yes all of this and many more things that i don´t even know are affecting them and we should take care of it! So that you can provide them with anything they need! :) It does sound maybe funny, but you will see the difference. We d

Mis hormonas son malas? Are my hormons bad "people"?

Dedicado a mi amiga ... ritooo !  Dedicated to my friend... ritoo ! This post is about the conclusions we came to yesterday after she and I spoke on the phone and she told me: "Quiero matar a mis hormonas!" ( I want to kill my hormones! ). Or here’s another sentence she kept repeating: "Quiero operarme de mis hormonas!" ( I want to surgically remove my hormones !)  What about... Observing yourself; taking notes of your symptoms and feelings every week or, even better, every day! I know it sounds like a lot of work... well it is a bit of work, but super WORTH IT! (By ‘ovulation day’ I mean the day your body is ready to make babies, so you might feel pretty, flirty, energetic, happy...). "Ovulation  is a phase that occurs in a female's menstrual cycle. Though ovulation encompasses many different aspects, in general, when a female is said to be ovulating, this indicates the process that ultimately infers the stage in which a female is most able