- Sunday, 13 January 2013

Are the girls crazy???

I think we are definitely starting to treat our hormones as a separate person, sorry about that although it makes sense for us...!

Another great conversation I had recently...
(Speaking about dating a guy)
A: Tú qué quieres? (What do you want?)
B: Yo? Yo qué quiero de qué? (Me? What do I want about what?)
(Como diciendo "Me estás hablando a mi o a mis hormonas?") (Like saying "Are you speaking to me or to my hormones?") hahaha

Ayayayyyy is that going too far? I hope not. Please if anyone talks like this let us know! It is actually soo fun! Please, let’s have a meeting and let’s tell each other about our hormonal experiences! Doesn’t that sound cool? I would love it!
They are affecting us guys. I am sorry, we are sorry, they (speaking about my hormones now) aren’t sorry but I apologise for them if they have hurt any of you. We are sorry...
If you guys know how to deal with them please also let us know as we still have a lot to learn everyday!

Después de estar tonteando con él varios días. Se ha quitado las gafas de sol: Y he dicho "¡es el tío más feo que he visto mi vida!" (After flirting with him for several days, he removed his sun glasses and I said: ‘he is the ugliest guy I have ever seen in my life!!’)

(Please, no one get offended as we always exaggerate things a tad, just because we have fun doing it).

Yeah we think about these things everyday! We’re going crazy...hahaha well we were probably just born like this but I never wanted to accept that!

As we have already said in some of the posts, we are as contradictory as black and white!!! Crazy people! But lovely at the same time!

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