- Monday, 14 January 2013

Do you like challenge things?

If yes, you can breathe and keep calm...!
When the guy or the girl you like doesn't like you back as much as you like them it’s probably because you want him/her to like you too much! It pushes the other person away! So it then becomes a challenge for you! A difficult aim to get! Oh yeah that is what we like! And then... it becomes an obsession!
So what’s the good news about all this? It's not that we like him/her too much; it’s that we just can’t accept not winning!!

If you have ever felt like this just breathe now and be proud of yourself, as people like you usually get what they want! And this...is a good quality to have!

Note: I have received some feedback about this article where people were misunderstanding it. If we push someone because we become obsessed how can we then get what we want? Well I guess persistent people get what they want most of the time, but not always. Yes, the advice is to be persistent but if you really want that guy/girl to be with you forever you may not want to push him/her away, although I have to say I like being myself at all times even if I do push them away. So as with everything, it’s up to you.

Good night, good evening, good morning or good day! Whatever country you are at the moment!!

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