- Sunday, 6 January 2013

Is there any light at the end of the tunnel?

Sometimes you feel like everything is dark, and messy, and there is no escape. After looking internally at myself, most of the times I conclude that I  unhealthy (got a cold or whatever) or... of course... are my hormons inbalanced! (this is "The One" most of the times), so as small and beautiful animals we are, when everything is dark, do not look around you, do not try to find what´s wrong outside yourself! something external to you! Check inside starting by your hormons please.

Are they happy? Are they satisfied? What situation are they in? Have they been travelling last days? What stage in the cycle of the month are they at?

We usually do speak about how our hormons affect us, but what about starting to speak about what is affecting them? Yes all of this and many more things that i don´t even know are affecting them and we should take care of it!
So that you can provide them with anything they need! :)
It does sound maybe funny, but you will see the difference. We do really need to have our mind happy, as we know our brain can change everything, but we do still need to listen to our body!

Se que en cuanto a mis hormonas se les pase, estaré bien... esto hace que lo mal que te sientes sea mas fácil de llevar ya que sabes que vas a estar bien y que es cuestion de tiempo.

Thanks for reading!

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