- Friday, 18 January 2013

What is this blog?

This blog is about sharing and learning from our experiences and readings.

Its purpose is to have fun and to help you and me to deal with our hormones better!
As well as understanding the differences between men and women.

And what better way is there of doing this than speaking about them, since they are with us the whole time?! It’s about having fun, so it would be better if you read it with a sense of humour – although you are free to read it however you like of course!!

I would love to read your opinion or for you to contribute to this continuous learning experience by sharing an article on anything you like - girls, boys, relationships, experiences, hormones etc.

Feel free, there’s no pressure to write anything! You will come to different conclusions about yourself and the rest of the world after doing it!

See you all soon here!

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