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It´s NOT YOU! It´s your HORMONES!

I am telling you, stop thinking you are the one making a mess! Our hormones do affect us and also them! So don't worry that much and just listen to them, give them what they want with the resources you have and relax. You can see in one of the first articles the different states of the hormones I am referring to. I would say... Most of the mental  suffering  moments we have, could be solved through emotional  intelligence . Mean knowing and managing your  thoughts  so your feelings. It is not an easy thing to do when all we have learned at school, university and so on is books! But is never late for it! If you are confident about yourself, happy with yourself and respect yourself, the person you have  relationship  with should not be half of you! Independence and support sounds better for a relationship than dependence because of insecurity I would say. Good night! Good morning! Nerea


Thanks to all readers of this blog, hope it is being useful and you are already learning how to get to know yourself and your beautiful hormones better. Let me share with you my new blog which will be transformated soon! Enjoy!!

Does hormones affect guys too?

YES! They do! In a different way that it affects girls obviously. Let me share a link with you which might be interesting. She explain the different cicles guys have during the day. I am not a guy, so can not really say, but have you ever girls felt this changes, in the morning... well