- Friday, 8 February 2013

Does hormones affect guys too?

YES! They do!

In a different way that it affects girls obviously. Let me share a link with you which might be interesting. She explain the different cicles guys have during the day.

I am not a guy, so can not really say, but have you ever girls felt this changes, in the morning... well
yes I am! sure you have notice this!
I have always asked myself if they also have this changes that we all have during the different months, in terms of, feeling more cuddle time, or feeling more sexual time, or feeling both, or feeling not sexual at all... does it really happen...?
I am gonna need of your help guys! to confirm this, will be asking them next days and give you report ASAP!

Sorry for the delay in making this post but my hormones were out! ;)

Have a great day, night!

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