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Do you approach guys when you go out?

They love it! Really! Beacuse of the society not sure why we tend to think that guys have to approach girls to get to know them, and then girls just have to look good and smile while the guy has to create an amazing conversation and become crazy asking original and creative quiestions! Well fortunately! This is changing and guys are more confident about theirselves and are looking for girls who can do it too! But of course there are always people who don't know yet! Thats's why I am writing about it to make sure this is accesible to all! So no excuses now! Go and talk to guys, why do they have to come to you? well is good if they do but if you like someone why do you have to wait the whole night for him and then because you lost your focus for one sec he is gone! Don't take that risk take another one more fun! This it's just an adventure! Few things can happen, "Ok situation" - The guy just fall in love straight away because you are

Guys DO NOT say this in the first date... PLEASE

1rs date. Everything looks so perfect, exciting, fun, such a great conversation, his plans match perfectly with the plans I was looking for!! But then suddenly... Guy: "Qué bien el finde que viene JUNTITOS!" (It´s so good next weekend together!) Ups! should I not have planned anything? How can I say NO now? And, it seems I am going to have to spend next two weeks with him! And in the other hand. What if he would not have said that? Would I have thought he is not interested in making plans with me?  And then wrong too? Thanks for reading! Nerea

At least some guys know how girls are...

hahahhaha this is funny! He could not describe us (women) better!!

Female - Males. Different World?

Hello! Just reading this article and highly recomend everyone to read it, it is in Spanish sorry!! But I am sure you can try to understand it a bit, or just start thinking about learning Spanish soon perhaps!! So yeah men and women are different and as soon as we all accept it we will definately get on better with each other! Note from the article from these who can not understand a word: Although exaggerating a bit, men are in the world to be ready for us (women) at any time! Women are in the world to bring babies and choose the best man for it! Everthing might make sense now ;) Have a great day/ night! Nerea