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Do you approach guys when you go out?

They love it!


Beacuse of the society not sure why we tend to think that guys have to approach girls to get to know them, and then girls just have to look good and smile while the guy has to create an amazing conversation and become crazy asking original and creative quiestions! Well fortunately! This is changing and guys are more confident about theirselves and are looking for girls who can do it too!
But of course there are always people who don't know yet! Thats's why I am writing about it to make
sure this is accesible to all! So no excuses now!

Go and talk to guys, why do they have to come to you? well is good if they do but if you like someone why do you have to wait the whole night for him and then because you lost your focus for one sec he is gone!
Don't take that risk take another one more fun! This it's just an adventure!

Few things can happen,

"Ok situation" - The guy just fall in love straight away because you are the first girl ever who has approached him!

"Best situation" - The guy just find it normal and keep talking to you.

"Worst scenario possible" - The guy look at you as if you were not enough for him and show or say he doesn't want to talk to you. Well if he think so because you are not prety enough or whatever and he doesn't even give you the chance to talk to him, if you stop and think about it, what do you really want a guy like that for? Are you interested in superficial people? I mean if a person don't even give you the chance of talking to them, they might not be worth for you at all, so feell lucky that he has show this at the first time you have met him!

Notes: Obviously the perception of the different situations are different for everyone, so the "ok" situation for you can be the best or even the worst, but the point is, just think about BEST and WORST possible results, scenarios after the action in anything you want to do and most of the times you will find that are not that bad! Noone usually die!

Note 2: If you do this in uncommon places it's even more fun! Just observe their faces! hahaha

Have fun!


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