- Monday, 22 April 2013

They don't understand you?

Guys or girls don't understand you, or let's say... nobody understands you!?!
Well you are not the only one I have to say.

What an amazing conclusion I got the other day after a flash of inspiration!!! ;)

We are ALL UNIQUE, it means You are unique! He is unique. She is unique! I am unique!! YESSS!! So, how can anyone understand you? Or understand me? So understand to each other? It doesn't really make sense right!?!

Unless we ALL accept that fact.
Is this really why we feel no one understands us?

But instead of being aware of this we decide to follow the sheep. Which is not a bad thing to do of course, but...
 Is it what we all honestly like doing?

Wouldn't it sound better to get to understand this, accept it, follow and be proud of our uniqueness? And, support other's uniqueness as well as learn from them?

I am writing this article in this blog as it is applicable to relationships! You might not be as similar as you think to your partner or date!

Note: Thanks Nick for the help to conclude this! hehe

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