- Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Do you have the same feelings when touching anyone?

How many times we say:
- "He/ she is like if we knew each other from long time ago, I feel so familiar".
- "He/ she is so comfortable to hug to".
- "I touch he/ she and I feel sooo much" or "I can not really feel anything!".
- "There is like a strange tension between us from the beginning".
- "He/ she has a good vibe".
- "I was thinking about he/ she and surprisingly he/ she just called me!"

And when I say "feel" I am speaking about feeling it in your skin, not just only a feeling coming from inside yourself but also a physical feeling! It might sound new or weird as I have never read any article speaking about this, but there is something definitely! Feelings are quite hard to put into words, also this "energy" we always refer to.

What do you think it is? How can we explain it?

We may have a look at www.susanasanchis.com site as she is trying to explain us what it is through her art!

Telling us that we are all the same, made from the same.

What about when we choose the people whom we want near us? or the man/ girls we want to date with!
It is all about what we have in our head when ever we meet or touch anyone? Or is it anything else, materally-physically speaking? Energy?
Some people may feel this more than others so don't worry if this sounds completely out of your world!

If anyone can respond to this, give an opinion I would really appreciate it!


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