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EGO vs Inconditional Love?

Does our affect us and our relationships with people?

"Ego" is a Latin word meaning "I", which derives from the Greek word "Εγώ (Ego)" meaning "I", often used in English to mean the "self", "identity" or other related concepts.

I am comparing ego and love because sometimes without realizing our ego does affect our love.

Have you ever felt incapable to say "I love you"? Or to express your feelings?
Have you ever found hard to say "sorry"? or to "forgive" anyone?
Have you ever felt stacked? or unable to go forward?
Have you ever need help and you have not been able to ask for it?
Have you even been helped and not able to say "thank you"?

Well these and many more questions could be answered by our EGO!
I am not saying it is all about it, but sometimes it is and we just don't want to accept it.

I named unconditional love on the title because if you have ever though about loving unconditionally to someone, you might need to leave your ego on the side.

Note: Ego maybe useful for many other things for example getting what you want in the way you want! To get business done, to keep you confident and so on, but many times would be very useful to leave it on the side. As usual, try to find the balance by observing yourself and the results you get.


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