- Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Love without compromise? Is this possible?

The same way as happiness comes from inside ourselves, love is the same.
It is not just about receiving love, but about giving love.
When you smile at someone, usually you get a smile back, so when you love you will receive love. Spread it!

Which do you remember more the relationships where you were loved, but you didn't love she or he as much as they did? Or do you remeber more the ones you loved but they didn't love you that much?

Clearly when we fall in love and they don't love us, we suffer much more than when they love us and we don't. And the same goes for relationship with any friends and family. So the same will happen in the opposite way, we enjoy more when we love and give! Of course there are always exceptions to everything.

Pure love comes from inside the same as happiness, so why can we not give love to anyone? Straight away?

We can feel love by just thinking of loving times, so can we feel love by thinking right?

Love grows with time, but can we feel love the first time we hug someone?

As this Blog is about hormones, let me just ask you, do your hormones always feel like giving love? ;)

Hope this inspire you and make you think.

Have a great day/ night!

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