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What is a realationship?

What do we mean by relationship? Do we really want to follow all the rules we have learnt for a relationship? Really? How many dates means we are in a relationship? What type of conversations means we are in a relationship? What kind of things we do with our date means we are in a relationship? How many dates do we have to have to have sex with someone? And, will that mean anything? We are sometimes so condition for all this info someone put in our heads! Can we please stop thinking and start living in our own logical way? Why things make sense for us, how do we get these conclusions? Can we have the best passional, loving momentos with someone we have just met? And feel it as if you knew that person from long time ago? With a perfect tune? If we don't start learning that love is coming from inside ourselves and we can feel it any time we want we can actually not feel it! Make the decision of feeling. This article is with the propose of inspiring and make you thin

Do you like hurting other people?

Have you ever got the feeling, you were happy for the failure of anyone? I guess it may not happen with close friends and family (well for sure there are exceptions) but I mean with someone you don't know very much. Well I have been observing this in myself as I remember I used to kind of preferred to see how people was failing sometimes, I guess this say bad things about me, but now after long time observation! I have found out that it is not about being a bad person!! It is about being unhappy with yourself and frustrated! I know these words sound quite terrible, but let's speak nice now! When we feel bad with ourselves usually all round us is also bad, or not as colourful as when we are proud and super happy with ourselves! Same thing in terms of hurting (so you like hurting instead of doing nice to others?). Is this also because of the frustration? I think so. So if anyone try to hurt you, they may need your help more than anything else. So here you are THE SOLUTI