- Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Do you like hurting other people?

Have you ever got the feeling, you were happy for the failure of anyone?

I guess it may not happen with close friends and family (well for sure there are exceptions) but I mean with someone you don't know very much.
Well I have been observing this in myself as I remember I used to kind of preferred to see how people was failing sometimes, I guess this say bad things about me, but now after long time observation! I have found out that it is not about being a bad person!! It is about being unhappy with yourself and frustrated! I know these words sound quite terrible, but let's speak nice now!

When we feel bad with ourselves usually all round us is also bad, or not as colourful as when we are proud and super happy with ourselves!
Same thing in terms of hurting (so you like hurting instead of doing nice to others?). Is this also because of the frustration? I think so. So if anyone try to hurt
you, they may need your help more than anything else.

So here you are THE SOLUTION: Focus focus focus in yourself, improve yourself, achieve whatever you wish to achieve and look everyone around how cool they are!! "La vida es bella" Admire them!! And learn!

I have written this article here because as I always say our hormones may have part in this too! Keep observing them and then check your feelings when looking to others or when other people success.

Ones you get to the point where you are truly happy about the success of other people, then you will realize how proud you are about yourself! Well done when that happens! Feel free to share it here.

The promise about the next article about Relationships is still on! I am just making this a bit mysterious!!

Have a beautiful night/ day!

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