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Are we becoming stones?

Are we forgetting how to feel? Are we forgetting what our principles? Are we forgetting how to hug? Are we forgetting how to love? Are we forgetting what is great in life? Are we forgetting how much potential we have? Are we forgetting other people? Are we forgetting our hormones? Are we just frustrated? Do we even know? I keep asking myself this. Why is everything so hard sometimes and so easy at other times? Why don’t these waves stop moving? Why don’t we accept them as they come and enjoy them? Are we loving others? Are we just selfish people at all times? Are we doing everything for ourselves? Do we really care about others? Where is the energy we could be putting into our lives and passing on to others? Where has that gone nowadays? Where are these people who always have a smile and the right attitude in difficult situations? Where are they? Are there any? Today is not a day for conclusions but a day for meditation and thinking. I hope you can understand this an