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Is cheating something everybody knows is happening but no one is talking about it?

New business ideas crop up everyday to help stop people who are cheating from being discovered. From private agencies that pay your staff (hotels, restaurants, transport) when traveling to make sure your wife or husband doesn’t find out where you have been, to the privacy settings on all the dating sites such as allowing you to not use your real name, and so on and so forth. It is kind of... mmm... how to explain... somewhere in between disgusting and funny! It is obvious that some couples cheat on each other, whether because they get bored or they just feel attracted to other people, but everyone seems not to be looking at it or even speaking about it! According to statistics 50% of people cheat... Statistics are great, but let’s think about our own real life experiences. I have never been cheated on and have never cheated on anyone. Yet now I think what if this isn’t true? What’s the difference if I don’t know? We don’t really ca

How is this sentence? Girls have sex for love and guys love for sex?

Hahaha, well this sentence makes me laugh! It may be true to some degree! How much does sex affect us? Or, rather, affect men? Isn’t love the most important part? Sometimes I feel like men just act through sexual attraction more than anything else and they think that this is love or something like that. Which one affects them more subconsciously? I am confused. I need some help with this now please! Is it all about sex? How many guys have you slept with and you’ve just lost all hope? lol How much money does the porn industry make? How much do people spend on dating sites? Is anyone really looking for love? Or just for sex? Recently I became an entrepreneur and I have been looking for business partners. I finally found some, after which they both told me they were in love with me. I ask myself, are guys making decisions based on sexual attraction? How much does this affect them? I don’t want to generalize, as of course there are always exceptions and not everyone is the same, but ple

EGO EGO and more EGO!!!!!!!

Yeahhh let’s give THREE CHEERS for the EGO. One day I was in Tel Aviv and I met a girl who said: "The only thing guys have is an ego!" And, automatically, I didn't agree. I was really defending guys! I said ‘nooo it’s not like that...’ But of course this was something which stopped me in my tracks, which caught my attention and kind of made sense to me. Can the ego make guys crazy? Can it take away their intelligence? Can it provoke a stupid reaction? Let me explain the ego in this way: it is as if looking at ourselves as EXCLUSIVE from everything else. (In previous articles I was highlighting how DIFFERENT and UNIQUE we are from each other, so this was a different thing!) No one is indispensable at the end of the day, even if you think you are, you are not – and neither am I. Of course we can make space for ourselves on this planet, but if you or I were to leave today, nothing much would change in the end. Growing is expanding. When we expand our identit