- Friday, 6 September 2013

EGO EGO and more EGO!!!!!!!

Yeahhh let’s give THREE CHEERS for the EGO.
One day I was in Tel Aviv and I met a girl who said: "The only thing guys have is an ego!"

And, automatically, I didn't agree. I was really defending guys! I said ‘nooo it’s not like that...’ But of course this was something which stopped me in my tracks, which caught my attention and kind of made sense to me.

Can the ego make guys crazy? Can it take away their intelligence? Can it provoke a stupid reaction?

Let me explain the ego in this way: it is as if looking at ourselves as EXCLUSIVE from everything else. (In previous articles I was highlighting how DIFFERENT and UNIQUE we are from each other, so this was a different thing!)

No one is indispensable at the end of the day, even if you think you are, you are not – and neither am I. Of course we can make space for ourselves on this planet, but if you or I were to leave today, nothing much would change in the end.

Growing is expanding. When we expand our identity and include everything else in the universe, we form a connection; "Find the connection... la la la laaaa" ;)

Well my experience now says that ego is disturbing the planet, and also disturbing me! haha

Please, a message for everyone affected by this amazing power:
If you ever think someone does things just to hurt you, or someone does things because of you, or you suddenly find yourself lying to yourself, pretending you are fine, or pretending that the situation you’re in is great, please stop and observe yourself. Observe the feelings you are experiencing inside: good, bad, egocentric, and be aware, be conscious. You may be hurting other people or making people think you are completely mad. Check it out! Please! :)

Let’s make the planet a nice place to live...

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