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How is this sentence? Girls have sex for love and guys love for sex?

Hahaha, well this sentence makes me laugh!

It may be true to some degree!
How much does sex affect us? Or, rather, affect men?
Isn’t love the most important part?
Sometimes I feel like men just act through sexual attraction more than anything else and they think that this is love or something like that. Which one affects them more subconsciously?
I am confused. I need some help with this now please!
Is it all about sex? How many guys have you slept with and you’ve just lost all hope? lolHow much money does the porn industry make? How much do people spend on dating sites?Is anyone really looking for love? Or just for sex?

Recently I became an entrepreneur and I have been looking for business partners. I finally found some, after which they both told me they were in love with me. I ask myself, are guys making decisions based on sexual attraction? How much does this affect them?I don’t want to generalize, as of course there are always exceptions and not everyone is the same, but please does anyone know how much sexual attraction affects guys’ decision making?
If I were a man I would be careful with this and I would really observe myself in order to understand what is making me decide things sometimes. I know it can also affect girls, like for example when you have to go to a meeting, party or an event, if the guy you like is there you definitely GO! But what about if you have to sign a partnership contract (this is almost like marriage!), or if you have to work together?I think - if we had to sign these kinds of contracts - something which could affect us girls would be, perhaps, love (just to confirm the expression at the beginning!).

Well this is just something I thought would be great to share with you all and get some feedback about what you GUYS and GIRLS think.

Have a beautiful day/ night!



  1. Well, maybe it's because of the stigma that women's just can't do business (or "men's stuff"). I think it's 'cos we're still living in a sexist world and not every male can keep the equality concept in the whole social aspects.

    A man think he's not a male chauvinist just because he does the dishes at home or he cooks, but he doesn't realizes that he has still that concept in his mind when he do not take care of his baby, nor the shopping (something needed to cook), nor tidying up the house. He's just doing some things that mens are told to do in this false-equality society to not be seen as a machista.

    It happened to you while doing business, but I've being talking with some (female) friends that it also happened to them when they got involved in politics. Their male comrades had two opinions from them: first, they got involved just to have sex; second, they're not having sex 'cos they're prudish.


    PS: Espero que una reflexión desde "el otro lado" y en otro aspecto social respecto el mismo problema te haya venido bien. ;-)

  2. Hello Pau!

    Thank you very much for your comment! It definitely help to support this article!

    hahah I liked what you said about dishes and so on, I have many times thinking about that, and I actually like the fact of men doing home tasks, and I have always though it was fair, but if you go to our origins, should they actually do it? same way as should we be monogamous?

    What interesting topics to talk about! :)

    Si me ha venido bien, siempre es bueno ver "el otro lado" ;)

  3. Normally we, the guys, are really influenced by the sexual attraction, normally we need something that starts the fire, then, and again, normally, comes more deeply feelings, that of course can be really improved with sex. Chemistry magic.

    If we are looking for those feelings, or at least care or not about if we hurt the woman, is another issue that depends on the guy. But obviously, as you write in other article ,men and woman are different. We can empathize but not really understand each other (entender/comprender)

    Another think is that if you have a powerful personality, one man can lose his mind more easily. Happy girls, with self confidence, that can read our mind etc etc. Those characteristics are something even more weird on woman's than on men's. That weird is really good, and estrange for us. It affect us in more conscious way that you provably can understand.

    Good blog.

    1. Hi Victor!

      Thanks for your comment! Very fresh and interesting.
      It makes sense to me and I guess it´s natural. We are made from sex, so at some point I would think, how sex is not going to be one of the most important parts or things in our life? Sex moves people and that is a fact!

      About understanding each other, yeah, first think I had to do is, to accept that we are not exactly the same, we don´t work in the same way, and this is beautiful, well is beautiful now that I have accepted!

      This is good to know and of course again makes sense, I will take it as a complement! :)

      Thanks for the feedback! It makes me very happy to know that there are more people who care about this stuff, about us, humans!!


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