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Have you ever felt you could do almost any guy?

Oh yeah I have! Ggggrrrr you just wanna mmm mmm, yeah that! You wanna have sex!! Ufff sometimes it’s hard to say it, why is that? Is there any regularity to it? Girls, for example, after your period are you more or less horny?   And when you’re in the middle of you ovulation? Let’s make some sense now! What makes sense is that girls have a period which comes every month. Our body starts getting ready to have a baby – yes, a baby! It starts ma king a bag (called the placenta, the place in between the mother and the baby)  to put the baby in. During that process, when we still don’t have "the bag" yet, we can feel as if we don’t have any sexual appetite, we’re not very sexy when we look in the mirror and we’re less motivated to find a guy or a girl (or both depending on the case).  Then that bag gets READY! And, what happens?? I am beautiful! Sexy! Pretty! Awesome! Ready to go! And suddenly there are so many hot guys around! Note: As you know when I say ‘g

Are you listening to your hormones?

Our hormones can give us so much information! As you know they affect us ALL the time. At work, at home, when out, at the gym time, in relationships... If you listen to them they tell you what to eat, how much to eat, when to cuddle someone (and even who!), when to have sex, when not to, when to go out, when to watch a movie, when to dress sexily, when not to, when to go to the gym, when not to, and so on so forth. If you would like to make a BIG contribution to the World PLEASE listen to them and treat them well, give them what they need and your life and the lives of those around you (and me) will improve much more. ;) Wanted to say... I like to call people "walking hormones", just in case I refer to you like so at some point... Hope you had a fantastic weekend! Nerea

What do girls want when a guy approaches them?

Honesty! Be yourself! If you are someone who is shy, don’t worry, just approach the girl and say: "Look, I am really nervous about talking to you, but you know you are so beautiful and I think it would be worth it!" This will sound so sweet and HONEST! We want someone who is passionate about life, someone who knows himself, what he is doing and why. Are you ready to find the girl of your dreams? And, I’m assuming, you also want this girl to think you’re the guy of her dreams?! It’s not about pretending to be something you are not, but working on yourself. Knowing what kind of girl you want and going out and finding it! If she feels that you are just approaching every girl without any sort of filter (and you can bet that she will almost certainly notice if you are!) she won’t like that one bit. So, sit down and reflect. Describe the girl of your dreams - what she looks like and what her personality is like. Visualize her and go look for her. It may be harder to find her,