- Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Have you ever felt you could do almost any guy?

Oh yeah I have! Ggggrrrr you just wanna mmm mmm, yeah that!

You wanna have sex!! Ufff sometimes it’s hard to say it, why is that?

Is there any regularity to it? Girls, for example, after your period are you more or less horny? And when you’re in the middle of you ovulation?

Let’s make some sense now!
What makes sense is that girls have a period which comes every month. Our body starts getting ready to have a baby – yes, a baby! It starts making a bag (called the placenta, the place in between the mother and the baby) to put the baby in. During that process, when we still don’t have "the bag" yet, we can feel as if we don’t have any sexual appetite, we’re not very sexy when we look in the mirror and we’re less motivated to find a guy or a girl (or both depending on the case). 

Then that bag gets READY! And, what happens?? I am beautiful! Sexy! Pretty! Awesome! Ready to go! And suddenly there are so many hot guys around!
Note: As you know when I say ‘guys’ I also mean girls too depending on the case. I am not going to be repeating myself all the time if that’s ok.

“Oh look at that guy, mmm look at that one too, even in supermarket I’ve found so many!” “Is it that today there are just hotter guys on the street?” “Did they all agree to dress properly?” “Did they all take shower today?” “What is happening with all the guys!?!”

Well, what is happening with our hormones?! They are just ready to have a baby! YESSS. Isn’t that super cool? I think it is, it’s actually amazing. My body is ready to have a baby so it is just making me feel these desires to hug, to kiss, to cuddle and even to have sex with someone. Can you identify that person, or is it just anyone?

And one of four things happens:
1- I don’t really have anyone to love, so I get frustrated and angry easily in certain situations.
2- I have someone to love, life is beautiful!
3- I don’t have anyone to love but I can do something to sort it out myself, life is alright!
4- I don’t have anyone, and I’m not in the mood to sort it out, so I am going to run until I can’t even think about it!

Which one would you pick? Well, if possible number 2, but what if not? Please don’t pick number 1!!

Then after your ovulation day, where you have more possibilities of having a baby, that bag breaks and all those beautiful days of bleeding come with it - sorry guys I know you hate to hear it! I’ve never understood why but ok - where you feel soooo “sexy” and “beautiful”. Yes I am using English irony now.

Yeah it’s sometimes painful, sometimes not that painful, you have lower energy and motivation, and you are emotionally more sensitive. Angry becomes furious and happy becomes awesome. "I am the happiest person in the world!" "I am just crying with happiness, my life is just sooo beautiful!" :) 

It’s a perfect day to get good news! Partners please take note.
Oh let’s not forget the lower-middle sexual desire that can happen sometimes. I want some love, some hugs, and kisses on my face please. And perhaps some loving sex too.

Ok, these days have finished now, and then what happens? Your lower-middle sexual desire decreases a bit until it’s just gone. “Please DO NOT TOUCH ME!” “GGGRRRR.” “Where are all the handsome guys in this country?” “Where are they!!!!!!!????” "Don’t disappear!"

Never lose hope. They will be back in approximately 20 days! Are you feeling like you’re not feeling anything? Yeah, like plain, stable, calm? It’s normal and natural, don’t worry. Your body is just making that bag again, busy doing it, so no time to give you sexiness, beauty or extreme feelings. Enjoy it!

Enjoy the whole process. It is fun, crazy, not even always the same, but also magic and powerful if you learn about it and give it what it needs.

So, what is happening with the guys in these different and changing moments? They are probably thinking “can I jump from the window? Or just throw her away?”
Yeah I know it’s hard for you boys, but you are gonna have to start accepting that you also need to learn about it and learn to manage it as well as you can. Ask her what she wants, and if she doesn’t know (which is possible) just say: “Yeah I understand, it can be a bit confusing sometimes.” Then put a hand on her lower back. Please do not put it on her shoulder! On the shoulder is ONLY for when talking to friends! Thank you!

Are you guys ALWAYS ready then? I have actually been asking many guys that question: “Do you have a period?” (You can imagine their faces after that question, but I love watching it!). “Do you sometimes feel like you’d prefer to go to cinema than have sex?” 

Feel free to answer here. I will continue my investigation! ;)

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