- Friday, 22 November 2013

Making decisions to choose a job VS. deciding what person to date with.

I know my neuronal connexions tend to relate different things with each other, but thats my nature, what can I do!!!!

Thinking too much to decide something usually is not the best option. Do you remember these times, when you were spontaneous, you didn't think much about if you wanted to do it or not, you just went for it! Like if something inside was telling you to?
If you haven't, mmm keep thinking.

We can actually never know if a decision is right or is not, as there is always an OPPORTUNITY COST, where we have to renounce to something to get something else. So, whatever we do this will happen.
But sometimes we feel like something is right about certain decisions and we just go for it without thinking too much!
Yeah I know sometimes when it doesn't go as expected, you learn and say, next time I will think about it twice! But if you keep thinking, I am SURE there was at least A BENEFIT of having taken that decision, if you dont find it, mmm keep thinking. ;)

Well, what I wanted to say basically is, these decisions that are thought for weeks, analyzing the results, checking them twice, three and four times, asking everyone about it... You probably dont really want it!!! Just ask one question: Does it make you smile? But please make sure is your HONEST SMILE!

When you start living at the present, understanding yourself and your feelings inside, you learn to say yes or not straight away! Without regrets and usually getting it right anyway, as you have also learnt from the wrong decisions too.

Wow I am talking a bit too long now! Ok, concluding I wanted to say. These guys/girls you say I like him or her because of:
- He/ She is sexi
- He/ She is very responsible
- He/ She is very confident
- He/ She is the right father
But you still questioning yourself, if its the right person...

What about these people that you say, I like him/ her, but I am not sure why.
Doesn't it seem to be the same as when you make a decision so quick that you dont even know why you did it, but you just did it!?

Thanks for reading!

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