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We all grow differently

Yes we do. And it’s ok. I'm going to talk about long-term relationships now, if that’s alright with you. I am 18, my boyfriend is 23 and we are about to have 6 year relationship. Will we be the same people after this time? Well, I hope not! Obviously we won’t be, as we change every second - some people more so than others - but we ALL do. We are a process, not a static thing. We all grow and the most interesting thing is that we do it at different speeds. Some people develop their social skills faster; others their knowledge in terms of theories and information; and some people develop their command of their bodies, movement and coordination etc. What I mean is that we all have our own unique genes and way of growing. Personally, after that 6 year relationship I was on a different page to my ex-boyfriend, which made us decide to break up; he wanted to live with me and settle down, while I wanted to go travelling and discover more about the world and about myself. I

Life seems not to have meaning sometimes, I know, but…

YOU HAVE TO CREATE IT! Why am I shouting? Yeah, I am shouting at you because it seems that everyone around me is sleeping and blind to the GREAT things we have! And yes, you may be thinking right now: ‘ but you are blind to the bad things we have to deal with!’ YES I AM! Because I want to be! I am going to be here for a few more years, no idea how many, and I am not going to be looking for the things that frustrate me more than anything else. The time I have here I want to enjoy as much as possible and I want to become the best version of myself and bring out the best in you! So if you have a boring, sad and miserable 'sleeping life' (or even just one of the three) it is because you want it! I don’t want to be too hard on you and again I don’t want to forget about those who are less fortunate. I’ve always considered myself very lucky but I have worked at it by thinking this way and attracting what I want. It’s not magic! It is all about focusing on what makes you feel go


If we had NO BRAIN - uff that doesn’t even bear thinking about! EVERYTHING is in our MIND. They thought SHE was hot, was dancing well and was nicely dressed. So they (two guys) were dancing and touching her sensually. They were getting turned on! Suddenly they found out SHE was a LADYBOY! :/ Oops... They were shocked and felt disgusted by her. They complained about what she had been doing with them! Is it her/his fault? Of course not! Guys, be ready! This can happen! And again, it is all in OUR MIND! In fact, our body is happy to go for it! So if it’s our mind which is not letting us get excited by a Ladyboy, perhaps it is limiting us in other areas of our life where we are not getting the results we want! If we could manage our thoughts, could we get turned on by anyone who we find even remotely attractive??? YES! Can we then enjoy our life at any given moment, just by MANAGING OUR THOUGHTS? YES! Have fun at the parties!!!!

GOOD NEWS! We DO NOT need ours BRAINS in order to have SEX.

WOOOOOOWWW what a book I just read! Amazing! Tantric sex. Yes Tantric SEXXX. It is a type of meditation, and seems to be the easiest form for humans as WE ARE MADE FROM SEX! This is what the book said. But, in fact, we are made when two people make love, have sex (or whatever other way you want to refer to it) so I would say that it makes sense that sex is the closest thing to us. It still seems to be a taboo theme sometimes, but not in this Blog as you know. So, let me provide you with some more of the insights from this fun book. Tantra doesn’t teach sexuality - I know, sorry for the disappointment! – but it is a source of happiness. It is a bridge. It connects you with the "other side", the universal energy. Please keep reading ;) You have to MELT into a hug, when eating, or during sex! That way these things become part of you, and you and your partner disappear, leaving only a kiss, a hug or excitement left in the room! So Tantra is not only about tantric sex, b