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GOOD NEWS! We DO NOT need ours BRAINS in order to have SEX.

WOOOOOOWWW what a book I just read! Amazing!

Tantric sex. Yes Tantric SEXXX.
It is a type of meditation, and seems to be the easiest form for humans as WE ARE MADE FROM SEX! This is what the book said. But, in fact, we are made when two people make love, have sex (or whatever other way you want to refer to it) so I would say that it makes sense that sex is the closest thing to us. It still seems to be a taboo theme sometimes, but not in this Blog as you know.

So, let me provide you with some more of the insights from this fun book.
Tantra doesn’t teach sexuality - I know, sorry for the disappointment! – but it is a source of happiness. It is a bridge. It connects you with the "other side", the universal energy. Please keep reading ;)

You have to MELT into a hug, when eating, or during sex! That way these things become part of you, and you and your partner disappear, leaving only a kiss, a hug or excitement left in the room!

So Tantra is not only about tantric sex, but also applies to kissing, eating, etc.

I know you are more interested in the sexual part of it, so let’s go for it! (This is just a joke, as you may know by now!)

Tantric sex is about holding the orgasm forever, I mean until you finish, so NO ORGASM.
I know... What a shame! But yeah! That’s it.
The point is, if you focus on the present with no hurry or expectation of an orgasm, the result is you enjoy the whole process. It becomes more intense as you are 100% present and you actually forget that anything better than that can happen, so you don’t care about finishing anymore, you just want to stay in the moment!

There are four people in the bed when you have sex with someone, two bodies and two brains - which are like people too. We don’t need the BRAIN! They are fighting with each other, as our brain is talking to us most of the time about society’s restrictions, about our fears and so on while our bodies are going against it, wanting to have more.

So let your animal side OUT! That’s the law of Tantric Sex; let your body manage the situation, not your brain! It also suggests that the girls be the leaders as they are more sensitive and can make sure the guy doesn’t get too excited and start being aggressive.

There you are! Interesting eh!

It is all about FEELING LIKE A BABY. Babies only feel and ask for their needs with no info in their brains, so the challenge is to delete 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80 years of info from your brain and go for it!!

Or, learn to manage your thoughts - which I can help you do!


By the way the name of the book is ‘TANTRA: Espiritualidad y Sexo’. It is in Spanish and the author is OSHO.


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