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We all grow differently

Yes we do. And it’s ok.
I'm going to talk about long-term relationships now, if that’s alright with you. I am 18, my boyfriend is 23 and we are about to have 6 year relationship. Will we be the same people after this time? Well, I hope not!
Obviously we won’t be, as we change every second - some people more so than others - but we ALL do. We are a process, not a static thing.

We all grow and the most interesting thing is that we do it at different speeds. Some people develop their social skills faster; others their knowledge in terms of theories and information; and some people develop their command of their bodies, movement and coordination etc.

What I mean is that we all have our own unique genes and way of growing. Personally, after that 6 year relationship I was on a different page to my ex-boyfriend, which made us decide to break up; he wanted to live with me and settle down, while I wanted to go travelling and discover more about the world and about myself.

It is not just about attraction and having a good relationship. Many things affect the establishment of a relationship - TIMING for example.

I could have got married - uff even saying that word is hard! :P
Many of the guys I have had a relationship with were great, fantastic, awesome even! Good fathers for sure! But timing, my needs in each moment…
What do you need? What do we need? What does he/she need?
The situation, the moment of your life you find yourself in…

So many factors affect this and RESPECTING them is the best we can all do. Ole! - there you go, showing off a bit of my confidence ;)

It sometimes feels like we need to have someone next to us, yet sometimes not so much.

LIFE IS A PROCESS. It is moving and changing every second. Even if the buildings don’t seem as if they’re moving, they probably are! Instead, the floor is moving, the planet is moving!

So, coming back to this 6 year relationship; he was ready to settle down with me and I was ready to depart and find more... guys, WHOOPS! I mean just more.

Usually couples start a relationship because they are both on a similar page in their lives, but that of course doesn’t mean that they can’t be on different ones as well! I am generalizing and there are always exceptions.

But here I am with my theories. If we can manage our thoughts then perhaps we can decide when we are ready for that special person to come into our lives.

*Sometimes I can write things that don’t make much sense, but I’m only attempting to open your mind. Also, you will make new unexpected connections in your brain which will leave you open to a new reality.



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