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Having a 1st date? PLEASE READ!

NOTE. This is for men specially (and in some cases, women). THINGS NOT TO SAY: - "You have opened my heart again." Whaaaa? Firstly, she/ he doesn´t need to  know you opened your heart before to someone else.  Second of all - already?  That’s a bit too easy to open! Thirdly, is this something you open and close as a door, really? :P "Next week, let’s go to..."  Next week? I don’t even know what I am doing  tomorrow! Don’t make plans. - "What do you do?" (Not in the first 5 questions, please!) You can perhaps be more  creative and even focus on having fun instead of interviewing her. If you want to  do so, then do it clearly and in a humourous way like: I want to interview you, is  that ok? Then go for it! THINGS TO DO: - Please have the intention to pay (at least) or take her/ him to a free activity or  whatever. Girls, yes, this is also for you - the old tradition of they (the man) always  paying for your stuff is obsolete.

God! So lazy to open up again!!

This is what happens when you understand or at least you think you understand how love works, - sorry guys, I know, too much love lately and you may be expecting some interesting sex stories and they will come at some point! Be patient! As I said, when you understand that love is a decision, you understand that the person is not the most important part. I know this sounds kind of like "Whaaaaa? So I can love anyone?" Yes my darling, you can. But this is the tricky thing, you’ll go from love love love to times that love is not enough by itself and that’s why it’s important to make sure you have something in common with that person, have fun together, have similar plans, make each other laugh... Am I making sense? I could just be blind right now and speaking bull¨hit, but I am not sure.  It seems to me that after loving someone for a while something starts to die unless you put a lot of effort into it; flirting intensely, complimenting one another and keeping up the 

Sex & Mind

Hello! How are you today?  I know, I know I have been missing for a couple of weeks! And I haven´t got a real good excuse! Some of you don´t know that I am running a training company, so yes that´s the main reason why I have been a bit disconnected, but trust me, I have been thinking about you EVERYDAY, really, I am not lying, I love sitting here with you all and telling you my deepest thoughts, yes ok sometimes they are not that deep, but sometimes they are! You just don´t get them! ;) So yes, as I was saying got a bit busier than normal these past weeks. But I´m back! Here all for you!  Why I called this article "sex & mind", ok guess... come on, I will give you 3 seconds 3 2 1 Go! Exactly, because they go together! And yes also that! Only in women´s bodies!! Yayy good guess!! Well done! Ok I was joking (usually when I say I am joking it will be only half joking, just so you can follow me). How can you have great sex if you are thinking about to

Guys, relationships are NOT an INVESTMENT. Thank you very much

Living your life as an investment can kill the whole beauty of it. The idea of investing in yourself to grow and saving money to invest for the future is all good and useful to a certain point. But there is a fine line between investing in your life and forgetting about being adventurous. When you focus too much on the future you can potentially forget about the present, and I am telling you this because I have come from that place; where the future seems more important than what is going on right now. Fortunately, I have learnt to balance this and to focus more on the present because thinking about it, who wants to invest in the future when we don´t really know if there is a future?  My purpose for today was to not speak about life, although I know that´s what I do most of the time. Let´s get back on track with what I wanted to say. GUYS, relationships ARE NOT AN INVESTMENT. I say this because there are many times a guy would rather not be with me at all unless there’s

PICK UP ARTISTS around the world!

Guys, you are boring! Actually, you are pretty good I have to say - by keeping the silence during a date, approaching us from the side or whatever techniques you apply, coming with "creative" sentences to call our attention...  It´s awesome, but, of course there is a but! I really feel like you all sound the same. What about intuition, what about authenticity, are you forgetting this? What about YOU? Are you forgetting there is someone inside there? Listen to your voice, listen to yourself. Please How do we do this? If you don´t utilize what you have learnt at your PUA sessions you basically end up being a sheep, or another PUA guy. I  am not here to say how bad Pick Up guys are, not at all! I actually think what you guys do is awesome, very courageous. It helps to break the ice and for men that are insecure or have difficulties to approach women, it is an awesome exercise to do and to start with. But be smart, use it! Get feedback from what you have done

We are not cavemen...

Hey guys new writer contribution to the blog, your opinion is important to me, please let me know what you think! We are entering a brave new liberal era, where boys and girls have finally declared peace on  the war of sexes, divorces are not a shameful resolution, discussing periods doesn’t  bring blushed faces and fathers leaving rooms and masturbation is a story genre in its own right.  Seemingly (SEMENly...too far?) - because this feels more like a trend than a social movement - it's becoming  more  and more popular to be ‘edgy’ and ‘courageously sarcastic’ in order to be cool and well  liked.  Boys make the common mistake of primarily basing the way they want others to see them on their appearance, using flirtatious showing off of guns and wash-board abs...not many complaints here right ladies? Dopamine eat your heart out...anyway! This is  because men tend to think that this would also be the way women would flirt them. There  is a traditional sense of men b

What is love anyway..?

I touched on this briefly in an earlier article but I think I feel it is necessary to expand on this a bit...What is love? Because all the films are telling us it's our prince charming coming along and saving the day, but the modern woman doesn't need a man to sweep them off of their feet, do they? And this prince charming theory very much relies on the certainty of the male that he is in love and so how do THEY know? I'm fairly sure that most women are happier not to have to rely on a guy to solve their problems. And I know whilst everyone likes to feel supported, having the responsibility for our own lives regardless of gender is somewhat freeing.  But when it comes to love, who is there to decide when it is REALLY love? Who has the power to look at a couple and tell them they aren't really in love, they are in lust, or they are young and niave... How are we supposed to know what love is? And when it is real? And what does it mean to be 'in love'? Is lo

How confident does a man have to be?

This is what one of our best readers said: "You said that women don´t like men with too much confidence, so I want to ask you about the meaning, with examples and everything you can provide". Confidence, this is the topic of today.  First question. What do you mean by being confident? Is this the same as feeling confident? What is it that you want?  Do you wanna show yourself as confident to get the girl independently of how you feel inside? Or you wanna become a confident person? And let yourself go, be yourself, a confident man? Because seriously I can teach you how to look confident, or even Wikihow which is one of the most "interesting" sites I have ever read can also help you, they are not too wrong. If you want to become a puppet go for it, but make sure you are okay about attracting a puppet. Unless you are a GREAT actor, this may not really work. Body language is POWERFUL, it is, but if you use your

Have the Best Sex ever!

Do you actually want to know what you have to do to have GREAT SEX? I bet you do! Follow these steps: 1- Build a strong, trusting relationship with someone, a loving relationship I mean, where you enjoy being together, have fun with each other, and actually love each other. 2- Break up when the relationship is still great. Say something like, "It was going to finish anyway, so I thought it’d be better to end it  better now that we still get on as I don´t want to remember you for bad"  in a negative way" or something like that! 3- Keep distance for more than a week - feel the pain - miss each other - cry, cry, cry. And then meet up again for one night, for a catch up. THAT IS THE BEST SEX EVER! Trust me! Sensual Sweet  Playful Creative Passional I know this sounds like a joke, but I mean it, seriously. I mean, I mean, I meaaaaan... WOW I do remember how great sex has been with ALL my exes (not that I have had ma