- Sunday, 5 January 2014

Is your life TRUE

Here’s a sentence I heard in Spain last week: "Y sabes que al Murray no ligas" - ‘You know in Murray you won’t hook up with anyone.’ :/

Yeah that’s exactly the face I made! Murray is the name of a club. The situation was a friend speaking with another friend over the phone, deciding where to go to party. Based on this person’s info, Murray is the type of club where you won’t find a girl to hook up with. Does he go every week and has yet to find any interesting girls? Did he go just once and this happened? Whatever it was, this sounded like a belief that he had formed in his mind due to previous experiences. Beliefs limit us in many ways:

“Because I believe this, I can’t do that” or “because I do believe that, I can do this.”

“I am shy.”

“I am not creative.”

“I cannot find a nice girl out there.”

Just ask a number of different people whether they used to be shy, or they used to not be creative, and I guarantee you that there are people who used to be both these things but, because of their attitude, or their awareness of it, took steps to change it. Ask guys if they’ve hooked up with a girl in ‘Murray’ and I’m sure there are some who have done.

I would recommend not basing your life on lies or on things you have not even experienced.

Going to that club with the belief that there won’t be any interesting girls means that that's probably what’s going to happen! You will most likely miss them all as your brain has already made up its mind.

Think of the example of getting a new car. You suddenly start seeing that same car you want everywhere! It has become your focus, so you are open to seeing it. If you are focused on not finding any great girls you probably won’t find them. If you believe there will be hot girls you may find them! I know it sounds so simple, but please before you forget it, give it a try! And then let me know how it goes! :)

Your belief system is important. My advice? Base it on real experiences instead of on information you read or hear.

Please, as I always say, don’t just believe everything I say here straight away. Take away your own truth from it and use it practically.

Have a beautiful night/day!


  1. You ask, "Is your life TRUE?. Is your life based in things that are TRUE."
    Similar quotes: "To thine own self be true; thou canst not then be false to any man." Also, "Be thine own palace, or the world's thy jail." I know I have a true me. I feel it often. It feels good to be what I am, as I'm made. I don't want to be nobody else. I want to know and discover myself, and enjoy myself more and more.
    BUT....there are things and people which make this a very hard thing to do. Since young, I've been surrounded by nasty people, bullies, etc. These people scare and upset me a lot, and I lose myself, the true me, in these very scary, painful feelings. I'm extra sensitive. I want, as we all do, to meet nice people and love, etc. But just the noise and rush in big city disturbs me, and I lose true me, my true life. Same in clubs, pubs, cafes, many social events; the noise, alcohol drunk, the chaos, the desperation of people, drives me crazy. I lose the true me. Only in quiet times do I feel true me and my life. It makes it very hard to meet people. This comment is already long, but I haven't said everything.

    From: Michael Gerstein

  2. Michael thank you very much for your comment! I am sure some people may learn from it!
    What you want is what you will have, may not be exactly what you have in mind, but for sure very close or even better than your expectation! What you truly want will become truth as I know you are moving forward and trying different things and techniques.
    That chaos that you refer to is BIG I know and as you are sensitive person I would recommend you to be away of these places until you feel stronger inside so that you can go anywhere and still feeling good with it.
    The belief of thinking these people are "bad" can really get you blind to find the good ones! So building up your confidence, security and removing these beliefs will help! We will work on it! ;)