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Orgasmic Meditation

Known as OM is already in London, coming from the USA. Yes I know it sounds funny. I haven't done it yet but I went to listen to a speaker from one of the companies, that was running it in London on Saturday. I was quite impressed, so I thought I would share it here with you.

Love Promotion

Yesterday, I delivered a great speech in Toastmaters (International Public Speaking Club).  As I don't have anything to do, I sometimes just go and pretend I am a speaker! ;) I am going to share it here with you. I am going to promote love.

Penetration Effects

Hello beautiful people, Have you missed me? I have. Missed you, I mean! Recently we have had someone checking my articles to make sure my English was correct, thanks Matthew Kyle for dedicating your time to us. So I decided to slow down the writing until everything was checked and corrected. That’s why I've missed you so much and you've missed me too. I have still kept you updated on our Facebook Community which seems to be the biggest Hormones Community in the world! Ole!