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Love Promotion

Yesterday, I delivered a great speech in Toastmaters (International Public Speaking Club).  As I don't have anything to do, I sometimes just go and pretend I am a speaker! ;)

I am going to share it here with you.

I am going to promote love.

Why? Why not? Everybody wants love! Especially in London, where everyone seems to be so cold and distant.

I looked up the definition of 'love' in the dictionary. It means 'an intense feeling of deep affection'.

Not very clear, right? If someone has never experienced it or is not sure about how to get it, I don't think they can know what to do. So here I am to help!

Where is that feeling coming from?
Can you make me feel something if I am not open to it?
Can you learn something, if you are not open for it?

And a few more questions!

Have you ever rescued an animal that was almost dying, but you brought it back home and took care of it?
Have you ever had a baby?
Have you ever had a pet, not just a dog or a cat but a turtle or even better example, a fish?

Are these loving to you?
Can you feel love towards them?
(Put your hand up if so) hahahaha I can imagine you doing that alone in your room and its SO cool!

A mother makes the decision of loving its baby before its even born. Can we make the decision of loving right now?

Loving as well as falling in love is a decision. If you have never loved or fallen in love, it can be because you don't REALLY want to or you are just not ready for it. Of course exceptions to the point as par usual.

Love comes from within, same as happiness. I know it can be hard to understand, you just have to TRUST ME!

So it is clear that it is not only about receiving but about giving/ loving.
When you smile at someone, you usually get a smile back. Same with love. When you love someone, you may get love back.

What do you remember the most - the relationships where you were loved but you did not love back? Or the opposite ones?
Clearly we suffer more when its the ones where you loved more...
We do enjoy more when we love and give...

So why can we not give love to everyone straight away?

I am going to challenge you, to show you this is true!

Pick someone you have around, remember that pet you had, how much you loved it, make the decision of loving and feeling. The hug you are going to give to that person you have around.




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