- Monday, 30 June 2014

Orgasmic Meditation

Known as OM is already in London, coming from the USA.

Yes I know it sounds funny. I haven't done it yet but I went to listen to a speaker from one of the companies, that was running it in London on Saturday. I was quite impressed, so I thought I would share it here with you.

OM is a 15 minute practice where the couples set up what is called a 'nest'. The 'nest' consists of a blanket, on which the woman lays down on. Pillows for her head and knees. Cushions for the man to sit on and towel that goes underneath her bottom. She will then take of her pants and lay down, and butterfly her legs open. He sits down on her right side, setting his left leg over belly and his right leg underneath her open legs. He remains fully clothed, sitting as comfortably as possible and she laying as comfortably as possible. In that position he can see her face if he needs to talk to her and can see and has direct access to her vagina. He then put on his gloves, a little lubricant and starts stroking the intrados - the entrance to the vaginal canal where penetration occurs. Slowly working his way up to her clitoris.
(This is done in a classroom with other people and the teacher or in private).

When the connexion between the finger of the man and the clitoris of the woman start and grows, then the man should be able to know what's the next move, because he will be fully focused and attuned to her feelings.

As simple as that, I know what thoughts come to your head... Is she going to trust a random guy? Is the guy really looking for that deep connexion? Or does he just want to see her pussy and watch an orgasm?

We may never know but what they say is that it helps to let yourself go. Especially the girl as she has to open herself up, not just literally but also open up and let go of any negative thoughts and emotions she has. Which I think is amazing if you learn to do this! I think it involves a lot of thought management which reminds me of any type of meditation. You train yourself which I think is amazing, a useful skill to have!

Then you also focus on feelings rather than technicalities which is my whole life's purpose.
You connect in a deeper level with the person you have next to you. In turn it will lead you to connect with other people - your partner, sex friends, etc much better and faster.

You learn to see sex in a different way, not only focused on the orgasm but the process of it. Forgetting that the goal is the orgasm.
You learn how to know what the next move is  feeling the woman's emotions.

Having in mind how different men & women are, woman all emotions, man not really, but more like formula based; for a man to be able to know what's next is real a challenge sometimes. They think they do, but normally they don't have a clue! Sorry to show my frustration! :P

Us women don't like to tell you guys what to do and how to do it! 
Please learn it by yourselves, you now have the chance to go to OM. 


My little advice? If you see the woman is enjoying or she tells you this is good, DO NOT  your hand or position! DO NOT move your hand AT ALL. DO NOT MOVE! Unless she gives you a little sign or tells you to do so. Did you (Men) understand this?

Thank you for reading!

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