- Friday, 6 June 2014

Penetration Effects

Hello beautiful people,

Have you missed me? I have. Missed you, I mean!

Recently we have had someone checking my articles to make sure my English was correct, thanks Matthew Kyle for dedicating your time to us. So I decided to slow down the writing until everything was checked and corrected. That’s why I've missed you so much and you've missed me too.
I have still kept you updated on our Facebook Community which seems to be the biggest Hormones Community in the world! Ole!

So, some thoughts I've been having recently...

Have you ever felt you could do any guy/girl? Have you ever felt you could only kiss/do the guy/girl you are dating at the moment? Or felt that you don’t want any of them, but a new one instead?
That’s great, welcome to the world of hormones! Hormones affect more than we can imagine, and every single thing we eat will change them! Any activity, experience or exercise will also change them. Isn't that amazing? I know, amazing and crazy! But it’s also a reality.

I would just like to point out that feeling guilty about these weird contradictory feelings is not going to help and that knowing and observing your hormonal changes may give you the freedom to respect, understand and enjoy them.

I am sharing this because these last few months I have been dating someone regularly and, even while doing so, there have been times when we could not meet that I just wanted to meet up with someone, a guy (any, well never say any but, other guy!). Yes, it sounds a bit terrible but I am being completely honest, so if you have also felt this way don’t think you are alone in that wicked world! ;)

Our body is sometimes (once a month) ready for babies and it is completely normal to feel this way. Anything else is information we have learnt, but it’s not instinct.

Another thing I have been experiencing is the natural attachment to that person you are dating. I was reading about the effects penetration can have on girls. The fact that a guy penetrates a girl with pleasure can cause addiction and attachment which means she will want to see him again. 
The studies prove, in this way we can keep the father with us! 
Well, as you may know by now I never share anything that I have not experienced myself before, so yes “I am not virgin!” Sorry to confess this so suddenly! But just in case there were any doubts. And, that attachment, sometimes, drives me crazy!

Note. If you want to know more about effects penetration please let us know, we have a full informative fun article coming about it (only if you want it!).

Thank you very much for reading.

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  1. Hi!
    If you're dating someone, but are craving other people while you're dating them, I think you're with the wrong person.
    You should probably dump that person and find someone more fulfilling.
    -Someone more fulfilling.

  2. Hi!

    Thank you for your comment, will have your advice in mind.