- Monday, 14 July 2014

Our Brain Has Sex

Men and Women are wired differently

That's why you can not expect to 100% understand each other unless you accept this NOW!

I give you 5 seconds to accept it, come on!

Now that you have accepted it, this is how it works:
The areas in the brain that are more developed in men are not same in women and this has always been genetic.

- Guys are able to understand maps better than women (Origins: men used to look for food, then they had to come back home, not getting lost on the way home). Makes sense right?
- Women are better at multi-tasking (Origins: they have to take care of babies as well as doing other tasks at the same time). makes also sense right?
They have basically developed these areas of the brain more because of their lifestyle.

Who knows how we will be in the future? Men's brain might be closer to women and women's brain might closer to men, exciting times!

For more just watch the video below, I think it is pretty interesting. The video
talks about how levels of testosterone affect the formation of our brain.


Loving this stuff.

Thank you for reading beautiful!


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