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Yesterday I Cried

I would not normally share a picture of myself in this condition. And not just because it does not happen very often, but because when it does happens, its not something I like to promote!
But this time however, I thought 'come on let's do it!'
There must be many people who have felt like how I felt yesterday.

Everything seems to go wrong and is difficult to achieve. Or that life is like a mountain, and that the climb isn't worth it. And that your life is just a mess, so you keep on asking yourself "can you really achieve this or that?". You stop believing in yourself in moments as such.
Its all a never ending circle of negativity.

Those who know me can tell you that I am one of the most positive people they have ever met. And I like being that way, which does not mean that I am never feeling down or so.
Sometimes this can happen and as I always say, you need to look inside yourself, and check what is going on. It can be your hormones or maybe you are tired or maybe you are overwhelmed.

When this happens to me, the first thing I do is check my P.D (Period Diary). I know it sounds funny, but that's exactly what I do! Boy you tell me what you do...
This picture tells you where I am, surprisingly I got my period today. And you know, this is not surprising anymore! Because most of the time before I get it, I do feel like crying! Isn't that amazing? Well not the fact that I feel like crying, but the fact that now I can predict when it will happen and I know this is because of my crazy hormones (or at least I like to believe this to be!). This may or may not be the reason for this, but it makes sense to me as I see a correlation.
We are not just our mind, we are also a body. And your body has needs and things go on in them which you better care about! :)

I guess you are now waiting for a solution, well crying is a good one! hahah
But ok let me tell you what I did, I basically had a chat with a good friend of mine, he told me how great I am, how good I will do. He said I don't have to worry because I do have what I need to achieve whatever I want. And I was then supposed to stop crying, but no! I cried even more! But the cry was coming from a different, a much more pleasant place. It was beautiful, a beautiful experience, a beautiful observation and of course a beautiful friend.
So yes having a friend who can tell you how great you are can work, but sometimes you just need to cry. It is ok to do so... (I could start speaking about the benefits of crying, which is also a natural thing your body does to sometimes eliminate toxins, etc. but I guess there will be another full article for it!). And I am not telling you just cry cry cry, but giving yourself the chance to do so can actually help you clear your mind.

Boys, you may be asking yourselves now, "great who cares about this", what I do then? Look at my P.D? Well, knowing what is going on in your girl body can massively help you understand her, and of course same way we observe ourselves and find correlations you can observe yourself and find them too if it´s the case. And of course cry if needed! ;)

Managing yourself is one of the biggest and most beautiful processes you are going to have to deal with.
Hope this can help you understand yourself better and to enjoy your emotions.

Have a great day/ night!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Nerea! This is an awesome article. Thank you so much for your honesty and vulnerability! It is nice to hear from someone like you that we all have good days and bad days... It can be easy to believe that 'following our passion' leads to only good days... Keepin' it real, you are. Lots of love

    1. Hi Arabella!

      Thank you for your comment!
      Yes, since we are born we have our moments, good and bad, wanting to be 24-7 up would be so unnatural and would probably not let us appreciate the good as well. Being pro-active can definitely help to balance, but respecting your downs is key!

      "It´s ok to be ok" as someone said.

      Have a great day beautiful!

  2. Ohhh perfect timing. Although the big P is not in my diary anytime soon I've spent the whole day in tears. My Dad tries to 'sort me out' with a cuddle which just made me cry so much more. However I didn't cry for over 13 Months between last year because I just couldn't. I'm still crying now (ha...) But I feel it must be healthier than it all building up. I will treat myself to an early night and a warm bath and start again tomorrow. For now though... I will have a bloomin' good cry :') x


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