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Woman's craziness... Period, I meant.

I am going to focus today on girls' craziness. We all have talked about this at some point.  Are girls crazy? Are we?  Yes ok we are. But there is a reason, or many reasons for it. GUYS, this is a message for you. I am not a doctor yet, but I am a curious person who researches everything. I need to understand my body in order to understand myself better.  I search all my questions in scientific books then I come on here and talk about it in my own words. This is an overview of why sometimes (or a lot of the time) women have frequent mood changes:  We have a body ready to create babies, it gets ready every month. The first few days when the menstrual cycle starts, the uterus is covered with blood to be fertilised. In other words, our body is ready for babies! If it's not fertilized (if you don't have sex and the semen doesn't goes inside the woman and to the uterus), the blood comes out in form of period, which we all hate! This happens because its not

I love "love", I mean, my hormones!

This article is going to be special, yes, special! Well, all my articles are, specially for me! But this one is not going to be grammatically checked, some of the past articles have been checked to make sure you, the readers, could understand it, but this one is going to be “pure”, straight how I talk, so how I write! You may find grammar mistakes, sometimes I have no clue they are mistakes, other times, I do them in propose because it sounds good to me, so I like it! Such a good way of not showing how bad I am, right? Hahah seriously, I am being honest! Anyway, I am sure you will understand almost 100%. Last days I have been reading a book called, “Porque somos como somos” from Eduardo Punset, a Spanish writer I love, he usually speaks about my favourite topics, as... I let you guess... Yeah HORMONES, people, emotional intelligence, brain... My freak topics. I did love the book, and I really loved some parts of it. There was few pages speaking about LOVE, yeah lo