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I love "love", I mean, my hormones!

This article is going to be special, yes, special!
Well, all my articles are, specially for me! But this one is not going to be grammatically checked, some of the past articles have been checked to make sure you, the readers, could understand it, but this one is going to be “pure”, straight how I talk, so how I write!

You may find grammar mistakes, sometimes I have no clue they are mistakes, other times, I do them in propose because it sounds good to me, so I like it! Such a good way of not showing how bad I am, right? Hahah seriously, I am being honest!
Anyway, I am sure you will understand almost 100%.

Last days I have been reading a book called, “Porque somos como somos” from Eduardo Punset, a Spanish writer I love, he usually speaks about my favourite topics, as... I let you guess... Yeah HORMONES, people, emotional intelligence, brain... My freak topics.

I did love the book, and I really loved some parts of it. There was few pages speaking about LOVE, yeah love, what a random topic to talk about right?
LOVE LOVE LOVE, first of all, I love you readers. Secondly love comes from the brain!!!!!! OMG! This is new, new for the world! new new new! Not really, but yeah new for me and probably for you too. So if you don´t decide or are open to love, you will basically not love to anyone! That´s it! You need to be ready and for it! You need to want it!
Do you want to love?

The chapter was called “Las drogas del amor” The drugs of love.
You can imagine who they are... Yes our beautiful hormones most of the times!
I am not going to use any hard terminology, so everyone can follow me. Basically our brain has a serial of neurotransmitters (let´s say like something which gives some signals to the rest of the body) that put in communication different nervous cells which play its role when we fall in love, then we liberate neurotransmitters that are like amphetamines, a drug! That makes us feel excited. Then the body, to calm us down issue another neurotransmitter which is translated in big ups and downs cycles (have you experienced this?). A cocktail of neurotransmitters explode in our brain, that’s why the craziness comes when we are in love! In which we have the need to be physically in touch constantly with the loving person. In this moment our brain produces a hormone called oxytocin, known as the loving hormone. After this period, a new period comes in, when the brain issue endorphins like opio, another drug! But to produce this you have to be with the loving person, instead your brain will stop producing them.
After this cocktail we still have one more called phenylethylamine, a organic product found in chocolate which is used to cement the sentimental ties in a relationship, cool eh? But, but buuuut, this will only be produce during the first three years!
You probably get now the three year relationship crisis everyone have!!! :P

These is very interesting, I hope I have explain it in the way you can understand it, I find it fascinating, although at the same time, it´s just info, I don´t base my believes in only science but also experiences, so yeah to be honest it all make quite a lot of sense to me, in terms of... I have definitely experienced craziness and ups a downs when in love, in another side I am not sure if I have ever fall in love as I always expected much more from it, but yeah I have been in that crazy place... Well I am there most of my time.

In conclusion, just to pretend I am one of these writers who have an introduction, body and conclusion...
I am very curious about this! About how my body works and why, and I know if we had more info about it, we would get less time as disappointed as we usually do, because let me ask you... How many times have you been or felt frustrated for these ups and downs? How many times have you missed your partner and instead of thinking this is natural and the way to be, you have conclude that your life is shit or even worse that the world or life is difficult and disappointing?
You don´t need to answer this as I know the answer.

Second conclusion, do we like love? or we love these "drugs" called hormones? whatever we love, is great! And I want it! Please body give me more oxytocin, endorphins & phenylethylamine, THANK YOU!

I know conclusions with questions are not your favorite, but are mine! And unless you send me your articles to share it will have to be my way! ;)

Again, science is great, but we should also be aware of the studies next years, because these change every year, every month, every week, every day. New technology comes up and suddenly the whole world change, so let´s have fun and believe this is true for now!

Have a great day/ night!

Thank you for reading!


  1. Important topic, It helps a lot to do not over think to much. About your English, dont worry too much, seems pretty good to me. The only sentence I would definitely try to improve the next one, and provably is just weird because you where tired at the end.

    ¨I know conclusions with questions are not your favorite, but so are mine! ¨

    Keep working hard!

    1. Thank you Victor!

      Will double check that sentence! :)


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