- Friday, 22 August 2014

Woman's craziness... Period, I meant.

I am going to focus today on girls' craziness. We all have talked about this at some point. 
Are girls crazy? Are we? 
Yes ok we are. But there is a reason, or many reasons for it.

GUYS, this is a message for you.
I am not a doctor yet, but I am a curious person who researches everything. I need to understand my body in order to understand myself better.  I search all my questions in scientific books then I come on here and talk about it in my own words.
This is an overview of why sometimes (or a lot of the time) women have frequent mood changes:  We have a body ready to create babies, it gets ready every month. The first few days when the menstrual cycle starts, the uterus is covered with blood to be fertilised. In other words, our body is ready for babies! If it's not fertilized (if you don't have sex and the semen doesn't goes inside the woman and to the uterus), the blood comes out in form of period, which we all hate! This happens because its not being used. In other words, if we don't use our body for what it's ready for at that moment, the blood ready to take care of that baby is wasted and expelled from our body.
So yeah we may want to kill someone during these days, we have just lost the opportunity to have a baby!!! 

To cover the whole cycle, you need to know the basics...
I would say before the period, during and after, things change. Have you observed that in yourself or the woman you share time with? 
I know the answer... 
Before I get to the point where my body is ready for babies,
- I will be VERY hungry! Not only for sex but for FOOD! And there is a reason for it, when we lose all that blood during our period, we are also losing a lot, a lot, a lot of nutrients that we need to live! As our body is so clever, is asking you for more food to accumulate these nutrients that we are going to lose. Smart ah?
- I will be more likely to be receptive of having a man around.   
- I will look sexier, prettier, and feel more inspired when closer to my ovulation day, which is the best day for my body to create a baby! 
- Also the perfect day to do something important, a casting for a job, an interview, a project, write something... 
This, as I said will be before our period. 
Once I get to THE DAY, the ovulation day. But only, If I get what I need. A MAN! 
- I will feel more sensitive. Cold becomes colder, hot becomes hotter. 
- Everything seems to be intense - love, passion, hate.
 A kiss is like an orgasm. A touch will be like a hug and a hug will be like sleeping together with someone you love after a fun day on the beach under the sunset.

So take the opportunity boys, make plans for these days, and of course girls I expect you are already doing it! 
Then few days after that I will get my beautiful period! During this period our emotions are intense. It's like having a emotional roller coaster!
Supper happy until super sad or super angry. Then happy again! :)
You may feel more loving or feel the need of hugs more than usual or more delicate to changes or wanting the need for attention. 
Periods can be beautiful if you have a great friend next to you, not looking at you as if it was disgusting! Of course you will also need some space and lonely time, especially when anger comes around. Make sure you are ALONE! You don't want to disturb anyone's life! 
Then this is gone a few days later, so what happens then? NOTHING. Suddenly nothing is as important as it was - your body does not even need a guy that much, people don't appear that sexy and problems are not that big.
Passive mode I would say, after my period I kind of not care much about anything. Its like a relaxing time where things are ok. Here our body is not ready for babies for the next few days, so you can potentially even stop using condoms (not recommended), but easier not to get pregnant the first two days after period.
So during this period, its ideal to focus on your career or finances, colder stuff until your body gets ready again for that "next" baby! 
Of course all these observations maybe different for all of you, but I am sure you have experienced some of these symptoms. Come on confess! 
Now, that you (men & women) know a bit more about a women's body, be smart, and "use" it for your benefit!
Respect mood changes as long as the girl is making some efforts to manage herself, or help her to find out how her body works by observing. So your plans fit both of you needs!

I hope this will help you manage your emotions and relationships better!

Have a great day/ night!
Thanks for reading,


  1. haha thanks for the info, we hear about some basics but is good to know the full story

  2. Jajajajaajaja
    Muero de amor contigo, en serio!

  3. You are welcome Victor! I could give more details but I don´t think you would want to know them! :P

    Te amo yo también Caro! en la distancia! jeje