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Hello! I know quite contradictory post when all I promote here is sex! Right? Well today I would like to point out these times when we are not enjoying enough in bed and for some reason we just carry on, when I say we are not enjoying enough I mean, it is not good enough for our standards or wishes, not that we are hating it but just not being as good as we know it could be. Why don´t we say no? When we are not that horny? Ego? Insecurity? You just want to make sure you are having regular sex even if it´s mediocre? Maybe to double check how much you love someone else you are dating already? You don´t want to let the guy/ girl down? You are afraid of what the other person will think about you if you stop it in the middle of the session? There are many types of sex sessions, the ones that are just sex, the ones that are connected to the universe and the passional quick ones, just to classify them somehow. I am sure we could bring more than 100 to the tabl

Have you ever found yourself in a non expected date?

So, this is the situation. You meet someone (a guy, ok, no, “a man”), who seems to be nice, then after an hour comfortably chatting to each other he tries to kiss you, you say “no, I don´t want to, thanks”. He asks why, you say, I just don´t want to. He is ok with that but asks you to catch up again in few days, I say “yeah why not, its ok” (thinking this could be a great friendship or even a business opportunity, who knows), after saying I don´t want to kiss you I really thought that part was clear! He is an interesting man, attractive (kind of) and has a good heart. Then on the second meeting, we go to the beach, he comes all ready to have an amazing few hours and says he booked a table in a very nice restaurant nearby. All seems to be going so well, we connect, we have great conversations, we complement each other (REALLY NICE COMPLEMENTS), we have a super bath at the sea, we start planning a video shoot together, we chat chat chat (at this point I really thought it was