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Have you ever found yourself in a non expected date?

So, this is the situation.

You meet someone (a guy, ok, no, “a man”), who seems to be nice, then after an hour comfortably chatting to each other he tries to kiss you, you say “no, I don´t want to, thanks”. He asks why, you say, I just don´t want to. He is ok with that but asks you to catch up again in few days, I say “yeah why not, its ok” (thinking this could be a great friendship or even a business opportunity, who knows), after saying I don´t want to kiss you I really thought that part was clear!

He is an interesting man, attractive (kind of) and has a good heart.
Then on the second meeting, we go to the beach, he comes all ready to have an amazing few hours and says he booked a table in a very nice restaurant nearby. All seems to be going so well, we connect, we have great conversations, we complement each other (REALLY NICE COMPLEMENTS), we have a super bath at the sea, we start planning a video shoot together, we chat chat chat (at this point I really thought it was so great, no attraction at all yet and thinking it was pure friendship or so) until again, he tries to kiss me! Yes, again! I promise I haven´t given any signs of interest at all! PROMISE!

Then I say “no”, again, he asks “why not?”, I say “because I think you are a great guy, interesting, etc, but I am not attracted to you”. His face wasn´t that relaxed, suddenly something is not right, he doesn´t get how he has calibrated this so badly, I said “Don´t worry, maybe I gave you some signs?” Just in case! He said “no, no it´s me, I am not sure what happened, but it´s ok, all cool, I do have many girl friends... etc, etc, etc”.

Then the 1st surprise comes in! “I don´t actually want to come to have dinner (it was all romantic and so on)” he says, so it was a date for him!!!!!??? 
Ok cool, well I “kind” of understand it.

But then, before we leave, I say... “See you soon, let me know if you need anything or want to catch up in London at some point”, then he says: “No, I don´t think we will see each other again...” ?!?!?! Ole! What a nice way of saying bye, is this necessary? I do like honestly thought, but the world is too small to say that, isn´t it, you never know if we will see each other again, is a nice way to say fu*k you but after being so nice, etc...
Yeah! Here you are the clear contradiction, amazing complements, project plans, really great connection... to say... “I don´t think we will see each other again...” Just because I don´t want to kiss you???

I do understand how amazing I am and how hard is to get rejected but come on! You do that with someone you kind of connect and with someone you kind of like a bit, but if it seems or you are showing how much you like that person, there is potential for projects etc, you, at least, can keep in touch, no?? Or say, see you any time by chance perhaps (that would at least be more realistic!).

I Conclude one of the following:
1 - He was lying from the beginning
2- He changed his mind after realizing there will be no kiss
3- EVERYTHING IS JUST BULLSHIT! Because I don´t think is a matter of not being able to handle the situation exactly, only EGO and LIES comes to my head

4- And the most important one, NEREA STOP BEING SOOOO NAIVE! (I kind of like being so, in fact! Life is more beautiful in my world).

So, yeah! Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit! Sorry! I just needed to share this bullshit story with someone, what best way that sharing it with my 65.000 followers?

Seriously everything was so nice, like the perfect friends connection and then bullshit!

I know you have probably never seen my swearing side here, it is not something I do all the time, but sometimes its results are relaxing, hehe
Would love to hear your opinion.

Have a great day/ night!


  1. If this guy had romantic intentions towards you and you're not interested in him, why are you so upset?
    So much so that you'd blog about him and even swear? (which you yourself say is something you don't normally do?)
    Maybe you DO actually fancy him.. or at the very least, enjoy being treated as the object of his affection.

    You obviously feel annoyed at being rejected by him and because of this, you probably like and crave attention from him even more.. (it's a well known tactic)
    All women crave the attention; it's flattering! A lot of girls also like to have guys around that fancy them, just for their own sense of worth and desirability.

    Personally, I don't think this guy was lying. When a guy asks you out to dinner, it's usually considered a date. I think you're lying to yourself.. and from what I read, it seems like you were on a date with this guy.

    You obviously enjoy dating guys and 'connecting' with them.. but maybe you don't want to start something serious, which is perfectly acceptable.

    You're a single girl, go for it!!
    The world is full of interesting guys; don't get hung up on this one!!

  2. Thanks very much for your comment Nish, I felt sad not annoyed and yes I know about these tactics to crave women attention which unfortunately or fortunately don´t work for me.
    He did not ask me out for dinner, just so you know, he came up with that after we met.
    Anyway, thanks again for your comments I am sure they will help the blog to grow!

  3. Hmm, signs of interest can be tricky. While I agree from what you say it sounds like he should have got it, although agreeing to go to the beach with him alone sounds kind of romantic to me..
    It would be better to have been more direct after the first kiss attempt when questioned, instead of saying you just didn't want to. He probably thought you like to take it easy in the beginning, hence the follow up romantic beach "date". BTW was the location his suggestion?
    (I do think you can be a bit flirtatious IRL ;-))


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