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I know quite contradictory post when all I promote here is sex! Right?

Well today I would like to point out these times when we are not enjoying enough in bed and for some reason we just carry on, when I say we are not enjoying enough I mean, it is not good enough for our standards or wishes, not that we are hating it but just not being as good as we know it could be.

Why don´t we say no? When we are not that horny?
You just want to make sure you are having regular sex even if it´s mediocre?
Maybe to double check how much you love someone else you are dating already?
You don´t want to let the guy/ girl down?
You are afraid of what the other person will think about you if you stop it in the middle of the session?

There are many types of sex sessions, the ones that are just sex, the ones that are connected to the universe and the passional quick ones, just to classify them somehow. I am sure we could bring more than 100 to the table.
All of them should be enjoyable and as good as possible!
I could explain them but as this is only my classification you can make your own ones and think what they involve.

Basically I said this because there is a moment in which you try the second one and you don't want anything less than that, connecting with the universe is a way of saying it, it means there is a full mind and body connection with the person you have in front of you during the sexual session and you both together covert into one person, the time stops and the pleasure is almost unbelievable. 
I would describe it as pure love, pure feelings when both people know what´s next, the coordination and rhythm is exactly perfect and on tune... gggrrr I think I am going to stop talking now, uffff BEAUTIFUL!

But then there is the situation where the person in front of you is so horny and you are not AT ALL or you are but it's being a bit forced mentally or just not reaching that "universe connection" you would like to experience, because the thing is when you reach that point you don't want to go lower! 

I think I should be talking about myself here as I am sure there many people there who is happy with any type of sex. So yes, the session is not being as great as I would like to but I don't want to say no, I don´t want to let someone that is enjoying so much down, and at the same time I want to enjoy myself too, so I force myself to go for it, but still it does not happen. 

What do you do? You carry on and have mediocre or poor sex which makes you feel stupid once you finish, or you STOP it! How many guys/ girls have you let down half way? If you are having this type of poor sexual session and you have let less than two people down, you need to increase that number!
SEX SHOULD BE FOR JOY, and I don´t mean only joy, I mean explosion, I mean connection, beauty, pleasure.

And trust me, it is ok to let someone down, it does not mean you are not going to try again later once you get in the flow, it means that in that moment in time it's not happening as fluid as it could be, so you can perhaps have a chat or a break and come back later when you are ready.

I will tell you stories about the reactions of guys when I let them down as they are pretty funny, and when I say pretty funny, it is REAL funny! Some of them don´t like it at all, some of them love it, so contradictory but true.

Anyway the whole point was about, woman and man, do not worry if you need to stop something you are not enjoying enough, things can be better, can be improved, you don't want to satisfy yourself with less for no reason.

If you don´t know how to stop it, here is the way: " I need to stop, I am not enjoying that much" And yes expect the surprise face, and smile to end. You don´t need to say anything else.

Once you get use to communicate you will also be ready to tell them how to do it, to direct them if that is something you don´t do already. And after few "lets downs" it is even fun! The different reactions are very interesting.

Don´t be afraid to say NO TO SEX, sex is not whatever, sex should be beautiful, you can die from it, you can get pregnant doing it, what is the point if at least it is not amazing?

This is not a game (I know it is sometimes), but something awesome that our body lets us to experience, make sure you have the best sex ever, and stop it if it´s not. 

Sex is from what you are made of, and should be beautiful. I won´t get tired of repeating myself, sex can be beautiful, and it should be. Don´t give up until it is BEAUTIFUL.

Thank you very much for reading!

I just wanted to share this picture, which is the complete opposite of what I´ve just said! 



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