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What is love anyway..?

I touched on this briefly in an earlier article but I think I feel it is necessary to expand on this a bit...What is love? Because all the films are telling us it's our prince charming coming along and saving the day, but the modern woman doesn't need a man to sweep them off of their feet, do they? And this prince charming theory very much relies on the certainty of the male that he is in love and so how do THEY know? I'm fairly sure that most women are happier not to have to rely on a guy to solve their problems. And I know whilst everyone likes to feel supported, having the responsibility for our own lives regardless of gender is somewhat freeing.  But when it comes to love, who is there to decide when it is REALLY love? Who has the power to look at a couple and tell them they aren't really in love, they are in lust, or they are young and niave... How are we supposed to know what love is? And when it is real? And what does it mean to be 'in love'? Is lo

How confident does a man have to be?

This is what one of our best readers said: "You said that women don´t like men with too much confidence, so I want to ask you about the meaning, with examples and everything you can provide". Confidence, this is the topic of today.  First question. What do you mean by being confident? Is this the same as feeling confident? What is it that you want?  Do you wanna show yourself as confident to get the girl independently of how you feel inside? Or you wanna become a confident person? And let yourself go, be yourself, a confident man? Because seriously I can teach you how to look confident, or even Wikihow which is one of the most "interesting" sites I have ever read can also help you, they are not too wrong. If you want to become a puppet go for it, but make sure you are okay about attracting a puppet. Unless you are a GREAT actor, this may not really work. Body language is POWERFUL, it is, but if you use your

Have the Best Sex ever!

Do you actually want to know what you have to do to have GREAT SEX? I bet you do! Follow these steps: 1- Build a strong, trusting relationship with someone, a loving relationship I mean, where you enjoy being together, have fun with each other, and actually love each other. 2- Break up when the relationship is still great. Say something like, "It was going to finish anyway, so I thought it’d be better to end it  better now that we still get on as I don´t want to remember you for bad"  in a negative way" or something like that! 3- Keep distance for more than a week - feel the pain - miss each other - cry, cry, cry. And then meet up again for one night, for a catch up. THAT IS THE BEST SEX EVER! Trust me! Sensual Sweet  Playful Creative Passional I know this sounds like a joke, but I mean it, seriously. I mean, I mean, I meaaaaan... WOW I do remember how great sex has been with ALL my exes (not that I have had ma

Unconditional love, or not really?

The idea of unconditional love is...interesting... First of all, let's start with some questions because I have a lot to say regarding this particular issue (let´s say challenge). Why do we like love? Why do we crave unconditional love? Who decided that that  unconditional love  was what we wanted, biologically we are not meant to be monogamous are we? And finally... Do you really want unconditional love? Do we really want love or have we just been programmed by Disney to believe that we are all Princesses lost in our search for our Prince so that we feel like we need something more to find our 'Mr Right'? (But this is a whole other rant about consumerism for another time...). Of all the ways you can show that you love someone, from materialistic to emotional support, why is it that we want the display of unconditional love above all else? Who took the hardest part of love and put it on a pedestal that we all now have to aim towards and feel horrible when we

The smell of love - How not to miss him or her

Pheromones. We've also all heard of them, but what actually are they and how do they effect us? Cue boring science-y bit, let's learn something together. Pheromones are a type of hormone that operate outside of the body and send signals which are received through the nose. These signals effect members of the same species in either a physical or emotional way.  NOTE. I am going to confess something by the end of this article, so read the whole of it or go to the end! According to research conducted in Sweden using brain imaging, men and women can send and respond to these signals through an area in the brain called the hyperthalamos which deals with sexual behaviour and emotions specifically.  So what we are really saying here is that men (or women) looking to get some action, release the smell of I-am-looking-for-action and that someone will respond to this, all without words. You know that feeling you get when you first meet someone and you are way ne

What a girl wants...

Hello beautiful people! And again I asked my lovely Jo to write something about one of my awesome videos. What a girl wants, what a girl needs, whatever makes her happ-yyyy and I don't know the rest of the lyrics. Everybody is always trying to tell you what a girl wants. Here is what it is according to the masses and me... Let's start off with the obvious gargantuan (that means really, really big) penis. Obviously a girl wants to be sexually satisfied. Don't you raise your eyebrows at me. You cannot honestly tell me you would rather not be sexually satisfied. But the whole you-must-have-a-giant-penis-or-you-can-take-a-long-walk-off-of-a-short-pier thing really gets to me...or maybe that was the wrong way of phrasing that...the point is who cares about the size of a guy, if you can satisfy a woman in bed then well done. Pat yourself on the back sir. If your girl is happy no matter the size of your member then congratulations, you are helping to fight the cause fo

How different are lady tears and the tears of men?

Phrases like 'cry like a girl' are often thrown about. But how different are lady tears and the tears of men? Is there really any difference between the sexes when it gets down to a sob-fest? And is there really any difference between your tears - of joy and of terror? Do women really cry more than men?  I have been researching this over the weekend and have found, as per usual, a million and one studies on the differences between the sexes and their tears. But my problem is, the outcome of all of these studies depend on so many human factors: how honest the people taking the surveys are, the agenda of the person conducting the survey and of course the way in which the studies were conducted. Here is the general outcome of my research.  There are three types of tears. Tears in their first form are to lubricate - wahey! - the eye and  clean it - lysozyme is a chemical componant in tears that helps to stops bacterial growth in the eye. But here is something you may not ha

"Life" in Tinder - PART 2 Extended

So, this is the first part of part two I wrote few days ago. "This is a joke! So, I have finally met someone from Tinder and I am making business plans with that person and nothing else! I literally mean business, no dating or anything similar to that – not even a mixture of business and pleasure! When I look for business, I get dates, and when I look for dates (which does not happen often), I get business!? How does that work out? Hmmm life can be nonsense! Or is it? The other guys I have been talking to in there are really not that fun. Some of them are ok – they know what jokes to tell to make you laugh, (these guys are good, even if they are copying and pasting the same message to all the girls!) But, the rest are either boring or tell you that they want to make love with you in the first text!?! It’s kind of disgusting, especially if you are not looking for that right away. They actually think sex with them may be better that by yourself!!! Hmmm, we will need to discu