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14 facts (I mean possibilities) you need to accept ASAP...

Hello everyone!

I made this video, thinking it would create some critiques and revelations! It has worked! Yayyyy!

I am usually one of the most positive people I have ever met, and this time I was just not, for once, I thought it would be okay, still this video is about finding the positives about all these points, obviously I could not be JUST NEGATIVE. But I have found many people that have not accepted basic things that we need to face sometimes and I know they are not easy to; and of course I am also talking to myself, most of the time, the blog, the workshops, the videos I make they are all messages to myself, just in case you thought it was about you! ;)
We, humans, usually do speak to ourselves unconsciously, imagine when your mum says, "don´t do that, it's dangerous", "don´t do that it's bad for you", that is the fear SHE HAS, not you!

So I wanted to be a bit harsh and speak about things we usually don´t even want to name, hear in our head or bring up in conversations. I thought it could inspire some people, and it did, I am sure about that, because I haven´t got only negative comments about it, I have also got some congratulations (I know they could be a polite lie but I am going to take them this time, I need them!).

There are things that I would like to comment about, some of the things in the list are easy to accept, some other ones are less easy or could even be a lie, like the first one, "We are going to die", obviously if you (or someone) discovers a medicine that lets us live forever then maybe you won't die. The question to myself would be, would I want to live forever?

So yes, some things that are a fact now can change to a possibility for some people.

When you find the positives about these facts trust me, they are moving, motivating, they wake you up and let you live mindfully.
I will probably record a series of videos about it as most people have not really found the positives that come with accepting them.

Another point I wanted to make is, am I sabotaging my own goals and purposes making this interesting video?

I only ask this question because a few people have told me that this is not following or aligned with my purpose. I think they may know my purpose better that me actually. We will never truly know if I am doing it to sabotage myself, right? So let´s carry on with our life!

I wanted to extend some explanations about the points in the video and I thought instead of giving my own perspective which obviously is the right one for myself, why don´t I ask someone to write about what they, in this case, she, understands about the video, so I would see what I am putting out there! Double checking that I am not sending the wrong message...

Here is the video we are both talking about:

And this is what this fantastic girl wrote about it...

"Let's start with the basics. We are mortal. We are all going to die. All of us. Even you. Don't take this as a bad thing, take it as a motivation to get that job you always wanted, to go talk to that person you always wanted to talk to and most of all to be honest with yourself. 

Speaking of being honest with are alone. Yes, you. Reading this. Whether you are one of 400 siblings or proud mother of 7 children. You are still alone. When you come into this world you are alone. When you leave this world, as far as we know, you are alone. But that's okay, what is so wrong with being alone? Why are we so obsessed with surrounding ourselves with people? You are great. Why not be happy that you only have to rely on yourself and that is a good thing. Which leads nicely onto my next point, only you care about you. At the end of it all, you are the only one who cares about every choice you make, about the path you make for yourself in life. So be happy that you only have you to rely on because you always have your best interests at heart, and your best interests lead to what you want to do. Only you can make that happen. And I know some of you may be thinking that surely your parents care about the path you carve out for yourself in life! Which leads onto my next fact you need to accept, your parents might die before you. And then you are left with no one to push you towards your dreams. Stop relying on other people, even your parents! They are there to support you but only you can live your life! 

Another fact you need to accept is that, hopefully, you are going to get old. Age gracefully. If you are 50, you are 50 and nothing can change that. There is nothing to be ashamed of. Live your life in the present, not in the past. You only live once, so make sure you are really living your life to the fullest. 

Making mistakes is human, everyone does it, you need to learn to let them go, not let them control your life. 

Another fact you need to accept is that you have a bad side, you have flaws and faults and that is fine. Respect that. Everyone has flaws, recognize them, accept them, move on. And in the same way, other people have a bad side, other people make mistakes. Sometimes other people are just plain annoying. Get over it. 

Things do not always go according to plan. Sometimes absolutely nothing goes according to any plan you could have come up with. Go with it. Ride the wave the universe has given you. You cannot control everything in the world. Similarly, if there is something you do want, if you do have a plan, say it. Sing it loud and sing it clear because as far as I am aware no one is a mind reader. If you want something go out and tell everyone! And even if it is the most perfect plan, the best vision of your future, remember, perfection is imperfect

Even when nothing goes according to plan, enjoy your beautiful life!"

Good eh?

This was it, she wrote this amazing and entertaining text which I was very proud of! What do you think?

I could extend each point, I have to say, but I know you don´t like when articles are too long, right (Again talking to myself! Oopsy), also I am going to make it interesting and if you want more, please ask!

Thank you for reading, have a lovely day/ night!

Your lover, Nerea


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