- Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Have the Best Sex ever!

Do you actually want to know what you have to do to have GREAT SEX? I bet you do!

Follow these steps:

1- Build a strong, trusting relationship with someone, a loving relationship I mean, where you enjoy being together, have fun with each other, and actually love each other.

2- Break up when the relationship is still great. Say something like, "It was going to finish anyway, so I thought it’d be better to end it better now that we still get on as I don´t want to remember you for bad" in a negative way" or something like that!

3- Keep distance for more than a week - feel the pain - miss each other - cry, cry, cry.

And then meet up again for one night, for a catch up. THAT IS THE BEST SEX EVER! Trust me!






I know this sounds like a joke, but I mean it, seriously.

I mean, I mean, I meaaaaan... WOW
I do remember how great sex has been with ALL my exes (not that I have had many) but yeah, there´s nothing better than to lose someone you kind of liked to then realize just how much you can potentially like each other!

What happens after you’ve met up for one night? You don´t wanna know! Usually it ends after a few AWESOME "catch ups" -sorry to disappoint you if that´s the case. 

Of course, remember you can always change the story of your life...

If you can´t or can relate to this, please share it here, so we can get other perspectives.

I thought I would put a short article today as the last days I felt I was overwhelming you guys with my regular loooong stories!

Thank you for reading! 



  1. Very fun advice hahaha,. However, you destroy me a little bit with my expectations, at the beginning I thought you will give us more practical advices haha, like a mix between a kiss and strong breading in the neck of the woman, the only common technique that the women I´ve been with, really enjoyed.

    I know the possible reason, sensitive typical part of the body for the woman, plus brain, they feel I also enjoy. But I miss other common save techniques. Women are too different and complex some times haha.

    Is great to read you again!

    1. hahahah I love not covering people expectations to be honest! But knowing this, I will see if I can come with other more common advices! :)
      Strong breathing in the neck... mmm interesting!