- Wednesday, 1 October 2014

"Life" in TINDER

Tinder is an online dating site. Let me be honest, I have never met anyone from there, but my friend is the number one fan of that app. She keeps meeting different guys every week, (let’s say around 3-4 guys per week), and she says many of them are hot!
I have my profile on there, and I have to say, it’s pretty challenging to find someone… and I’m not that picky! Many of the guys that look great are not showing their teeth, or are doing sports with big outfits that cover their face and body... I mean, there is not another way to choose people than by flicking through their pictures, and if the pictures you have are shit or not showing yourself properly, then?¿
My friend recommended me to join and she gave me advice of how to use it properly. I thought this advice could be useful for you... Unless you are 100% sure that a guy is super, don’t even try, as you will most likely be disappointed. If pictures are not great, then sorry fellas, you have lost any chance. Being great is showing yourself as you are and being natural – NOT using Photoshop, etc! Well, it kind of makes sense to edit your pictures, right?
If you do not filter people by their looks and profile then you are being too nice and will end up giving a chance to all of them! Well, not all of them, but if you think about it, most people have something good to offer, right? Independently, how they look! I know many of you will say NO, but I say YES!
As I said, my friend meets a different guy almost every day – what about them? I guess the men do the same, obviously.
It must be challenging to compete with so many people, (well not for me, as my profile is awesome!), but in general you can potentially feel small, like when you walk around London. The guy who seems interested in you has probably been interested in 100 other women at the same time! It’s kind of disgusting, right?
Well, there will be exceptions of the guy that fights for the girl he really likes, (if there are any), and girls that do the same, (Ok, I am lying myself now), but if you are chatting to 20 women/ men at the same time, the challenge to get one date is not that big, is it?
Getting a date should not be a challenge when most single people are looking for a date! And as any market economists would say, having competition can bring a lot of benefits, more quality "products." The more people that use Tinder, the more effort that has to be put into get what you want. This would happen if there were not enough buyers, but in this case, it seems that both sides are full – there are guys and girls doing this non-stop dating crazy thing, not even expecting or searching for quality anymore.
If there were lots of guys but fewer girls, then girls could potentially get a quality date as the guys would be improving themselves and challenging/ fighting to be chosen. However, this does not seem to be the case. A guy doesn’t have to make much effort because he knows he will have 10 other girls looking and waiting for him. Surely, this will lead to a shit date with someone who doesn’t really care whether or not it works out?
As you see, I am only concluding something that makes sense for me, not from experience this time. I am hoping some of you readers will give me the answers or different advice! Or maybe I will just ask my friend :)

PART 2. (Wrote this today)
This is a joke! So, I have finally met someone from Tinder and I am making business plans with that person and nothing else! I literally mean business, no dating or anything similar to that – not even a mixture of business and pleasure!
When I look for business, I get dates, and when I look for dates (which does not happen often), I get business!? How does that work out?
Hmmm life can be nonsense! Or is it?
The other guys I have been talking to in there are really not that fun. Some of them are ok – they know what jokes to tell to make you laugh, (these guys are good, even if they are copying and pasting the same message to all the girls!) But, the rest are either boring or tell you that they want to make love with you in the first text!?! It’s kind of disgusting, especially if you are not looking for that right away. They actually think sex with them may be better that by yourself!!! Hmmm, we will need to discuss.
Hope you enjoyed this. Thanks for reading!
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  1. Hahaha, the part 2 is pure gold, the karma is always so funny. Please, make an article about the last part.

  2. "Pure gold" I like that!!
    Your wish is my command! ;)