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The smell of love - How not to miss him or her

Pheromones. We've also all heard of them, but what actually are they and how do they effect us?

Cue boring science-y bit, let's learn something together.

Pheromones are a type of hormone that operate outside of the body and send signals which are received through the nose. These signals effect members of the same species in either a physical or emotional way. 

NOTE. I am going to confess something by the end of this article, so read the whole of it or go to the end!

According to research conducted in Sweden using brain imaging, men and women can send and respond to these signals through an area in the brain called the hyperthalamos which deals with sexual behaviour and emotions specifically. 

So what we are really saying here is that men (or women) looking to get some action, release the smell of I-am-looking-for-action and that someone will respond to this, all without words.

You know that feeling you get when you first meet someone and you are way nervous but mostly excited, apparently that is because you have already had your first conversation with that person without even opening your mouth. Your noses have done the ice breaking already. No need for the one line opener of:
"Polar bear." 
"Well I had to break the ice somehow." 

So here's the question you are all asking, can these pheromones make us more attractive? Surely if the pheromones we are releasing attracts potential mates then can we lure in "the one" with our sexy smell? The answer is, science is working on it. 

Although scientists have found there is a definite effect pheromones have: changes in heart rate, breathing and body temperature (the science of love) they have not as yet created the perfect smell to get you some action. 

Whilst researching I found one perfume company in particular that raves about putting human pheromones into perfume to attract a mate and 'put them at ease' creeeppy.

Honestly I don't understand how lazy one person can be, wearing a perfume that gets you action? This isn't 18th century France (reference to the film Perfume:the story of a murderer, a definite insight into the world of pheromones and controlling people through smell, also a great watch). 

Also I am not sure how morally right that are luring someone in with a smell? It's one step away from brain washing and so unfortunately reader I cannot condone the wearing of hormone perfume just because you want to get laid. 

And it takes all the romantic thrill out of the chase, where is the fun in knowing you are definitely going to get laid. Half of the excitement is that you have to work for it right? 

Alright, now that we have all learnt something and have answered the big questions, let's see how we can apply the science of smells to help us with challenges we all face...

The curious person that I am which you probably know by now and after researching as you have just seen I found hundreds of studies about smells! Lucky me!

SMELL can affect you in choosing one guy or the other, one girl or the other, it can affect your sales and marketing, your dreams, buying a house or not, hiring people... And here´s why:The sense of smell's hard-wired deep into the brain's sensitive areas, that process emotion [amygdala], and, motivation and memory [hippocampus].Yay, that´s it. Interesting right?Well that research is from different resources as Rachel Herz Writer or ABC News, so we can believe it or not, as usual.

Does it really affect me? At least I can remember few times when I´ve came into clothes shops only to smell them! Haven´t you? This is what happens, you go shopping and it makes you happy straight away. If after few hours you regret how much money you have spent, then it has already happened, your endorphins (happiness hormones) have increased at least for that moment, there is a specific (usually nice) smell in the store that your brain is relating with the pleasure of buying clothes, so The Result is, you want to go back to shop at that place! Because this is how you get some "happiness" or endorphins however you prefer to call it.

Can't you remember ALL your exes smells? Or at least the best ones? Well I do, and although it can be even painful sometimes it brings good memories, most of the "smell cases" I remember are just acting as triggers for me, they remind me of something, and of course if this "something" is something beautiful, only the smell can make you feel that way as your brain is relating it with that "something". That thing, let´s say its a great moment, a moment of pleasure, a moment of kissing or making love or hugging or a great conversation surrounded with specific smell like candles, incense (not so much you can not breath when it´s on!), the perfume of your boy, or just his smell (mmmmm). Yes that´s what I mean!

So, sorry boys, it is not you, it is your smell... You can do nothing about it, I can do nothing about it. My body wants you, for no reason! I wonder how much of me wanting that guy so much, is just from his smell? Maybe 60% wow, well this is just my own prediction, don´t take my word for it! Unless it makes sense for you. The other 40% I guess is personality, fun together, sex time, mental support.

Here is that promised confession. Let´s start with a question to put you in situation. Have you ever stopped meeting someone and missed him / her so much?

I have THE SOLUTION, well it is probably just a temporary solution. The only thing you have to do to get these endorphins & pheromones back to generate that happiness levels you used to have and of course you deserve, is eat chocolate! Nah that was a joke. JUST ask him/ her for a used T-shirt before he/ she leaves you. Yes, that´s it. You just have to smell it whenever you start feeling the need to after they leave your life.

You can create your own way but a good one that seems to be working pretty well is...

1- Take a pillow and put the T-shirt on

2- Lie down and put the pillow on your face, remember to put the neck area (or whatever you want to smell) near your nose!
Sandwich formation

Cover formation

3- When those thoughts come (the sad ones) let them go, and think of the great moments together.

3- Enjoy & sleep tight.

Contradications & warnings (please read):
- It can potentially make you cry. Just stop smelling it until you are ready for it, maybe wait for three days from the moment that person left you, or if you want to cry just smell it as much as you can!
- It does not give you full pleasure, only partly (maybe 60%) Ok that was obviously a joke, I hope you are laughing...
- After few days of smelling it it can start smelling of yourself, so make sure you put your nose near it as much time as possible before is too late.
- You can not wash it!

And now you probably are thinking, is she serious? Or even more realistic, are you serious? Well half of it, if I am really sleeping on that pillow? Yes I am, is it enough? No, but it's better than nothing!

My curiosity led me to this; the new Smell-Dating parties from the USA. People come to speed-dating with a t-shirt they have been wearing for a week (no shower, no washing it) then all the participants smell each other's t-shirts. They choose the people they want to talk to, to potentially date them later by the smell of their t-shirt. Not a joke!
I know what you are thinking, what if they smell disgusting, do you want to smell them all? Ggrrr no idea how this exactly works but not sure if I want to attend. I will probably try it at some point, but this is seriously a funny one! It actually makes a lot of sense when you compare yourself with an animal like a dog, they do smell each other (not exactly like the t-shirt) but they definitely decide which dog to date to through the smell!
I think if you think someone does not smell good, your body is rejecting that person and is telling you not to go for it, your body know what it needs, so let´s listen to it! Imagine if you have kids with someone that does not smell good, how your kids are going to turn out? And even worse how are you gonna share the same room? Nah, no way! 

Some ideas that pop up, maybe the next person that is attracted to you, instead of asking the typical questions, you could ask if it´s ok to smell him/her first? Or maybe use my technique, just say that you use the Spanish way of giving two kisses when you meet someone, then get a quick smell! ;)

Hope this has been useful and entertaining for you darlings!


  1. Very interesting, funny, and creepy at the end hahaha ¨it´s ok to smell him/her first?¨¨

    Also, extra points for the pictures :D

    1. hahahhaha Thank you happy that you like it!

      The last bit...mmm I like it :P

  2. Great article! Very informative as ever.. The pillow idea and the photos made me laugh so hard!!! Well done!! Great idea.. wish I'd thought of something like that- although it could never be a substitute for the real thing... LOVED the photos!!!! :)

  3. Hello anonymous!
    Very happy to know it made you laugh, what a better thing can an article give you, than laugh.
    If you didn´t think about that maybe it´s because she did not smell than well, lol just an idea. ;)

  4. Well, it's a bit presumptuous to assume I'm a man.. and even if I am a man, how do you know I'm not gay (after all, I'm reading about hormones and love!!!)? ..but yeah, the 'person' smelled perfect. I just didn't have time to think :'(
    Thanks for replying to my comment!! :)

    1. Mmm, let me think... I can smell you from here

  5. Hahaha!! Damn. That's not nice ..although, come to think of it.. it has been a few weeks since I last showered! ;)


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