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What a girl wants...

Hello beautiful people!

And again I asked my lovely Jo to write something about one of my awesome videos.

What a girl wants, what a girl needs, whatever makes her happ-yyyy and I don't know the rest of the lyrics. Everybody is always trying to tell you what a girl wants. Here is what it is according to the masses and me...

Let's start off with the obvious gargantuan (that means really, really big) penis. Obviously a girl wants to be sexually satisfied. Don't you raise your eyebrows at me. You cannot honestly tell me you would rather not be sexually satisfied. But the whole you-must-have-a-giant-penis-or-you-can-take-a-long-walk-off-of-a-short-pier thing really gets to me...or maybe that was the wrong way of phrasing that...the point is who cares about the size of a guy, if you can satisfy a woman in bed then well done. Pat yourself on the back sir. If your girl is happy no matter the size of your member then congratulations, you are helping to fight the cause for men everywhere.

You must be "hot" - whatever that means...too much sun? Slightly steamy around the edges? Honestly girls are attracted to confidence, just like men are. You can look like a troll but if you talk to me (keeping eye to eye instead of eye to nipple contact) and are interesting then who I am to say I might not be attracted to you. Obviously everybody has a 'type' and if you don't fit into that you start the game a step behind. But that isn't to say you can't catch up, everybody loves an underdog right? My point is, be interesting, because the opposite works too, you can look like Channing Tatum and be as boring as a boring thing on a boring day and although I may drool over you from across the room things won't go any further, unless I find you interesting.

Work on yourself! If you are a single pringle you must work on yourself before you are ready to mingle. Everyone has flaws and you need to accept these (for other things to accept, refer to my previous post). But let's be honest, being insecure about these things does not make you attractive. Girls, we struggle with this a lot. I, like everyone, have lots of insecurities but you can't go up to someone and just start blabbing about how fat you look in that white dress (stop wearing white in the first place it doesn't look good on anyone but skinny minnies and you are more than likely to spill something on it.) Or about how you don't think you are good looking (guys, this is not a chat up line, it's a pity party for one because no one else is going to RSVP the invitation).

Approach people with the confidence that you are interesting, everyone has something about them that is interesting, hobbies, another language, sports? Work on these parts of yourself so you can flaunt them with pride! And don't just limit yourself to the things you can already do, try something new, learn a language, go to a yoga class..whatever you want! Just keep yourself interested in you otherwise how do you expect other people to be!

Please. Please. Please. Be original. Please. The amount of 'Are your legs tired because you've been running through my mind all day' variations are killing me. Killing. Me. Talk like a normal human being, not like some mediocre Joey Tribiani clone. People will want to hear what you have to say when you say things like 'Hi, my name is John.' Rather than 'Hey baby, that dress looks good on you, it will look better on my floor.' Just be you because no one is really a mediocre Joey clone deep down. And that's what makes meeting someone for the first time interesting, the depth of the connection you feel. Stop faking, we know. We all know.

Humor is such a big part of how you connect with someone. I, myself, have quite a dry sense of humor...I'm like the desert and the sun had a baby that was born with an H2O deficiency. And if I meet someone with a similar sense of humor we always get along. Unless we are too similar. Then we just stare at each other from across the room with hatred in our eyes. The point is, just be you, if you aren't funny that's okay, stop forcing it. You are never going to find the right person if you are forcing yourself to be something you are not.

Just like in other aspects of your life you must have balance! Be bad but not too bad, or good but not too good, funny but not too funny, confident but not too confident...I feel like you know where I am going with this...

Plan your next step in life, set yourself some short term goals, know what you want otherwise how can you expect to get it? Even if there is no plan, (trust me, I know all about flapping in the wind and not having a plan) go ahead and plan your week because if you can't make plans for you then what is going to happen if you meet the girl of your dreams? You can't expect that meeting the right girl will make you into the right guy, you must be the right guy for that girl!

All of these things are going to help you find the right girl because you will have your powerful brain lady filter on, you will know who is right for you because you will know who you are and what you want!

What can I say? AWESOME writing, right?
Well a part of crying of laughter reading it I have realized my English is not that bad, is just terrible!!! lol
Nah just joking obviously I have actually realized that if she, that is 100% English can understand sooo well my video, everyone can! Yupiiiiii

Hope you enjoyed this as I did.

Have an awesome day/ night!


  1. I try to leave a comment twice the other day, but I think blogger is not working properly, as a huge resume, great work

    1. Ohh noo, I may move to Wordpress soon! :)
      Thanks anyway for your support!

    2. Thats a great idea. I just remember one question about the video. You said that woman don´t like men with too confident, so I want to ask you about the meaning, with examples and everything you can provide.

      In my experience, woman not just like my overconfident, they even enjoy that in the right moment, I fake some extra confident, which, since my point of view, is too stupid, but well I cant complain.

    3. Hey!

      At least you remember one! Better than nothing! ;)
      I will do answer that through an article, thanks for asking for stuff is very useful and inspiring.

      A little advance, there is a fine line between being confident and being an ass hole, so that line is the one you don´t want to pass! But you want to be ON THE LINE!

      More to come!


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