- Thursday, 20 November 2014

Guys, relationships are NOT an INVESTMENT. Thank you very much

Living your life as an investment can kill the whole beauty of it.

The idea of investing in yourself to grow and saving money to invest for the future is all good and useful to a certain point. But there is a fine line between investing in your life and forgetting about being adventurous.

When you focus too much on the future you can potentially forget about the present, and I am telling you this because I have come from that place; where the future seems more important than what is going on right now. Fortunately, I have learnt to balance this and to focus more on the present because thinking about it, who wants to invest in the future when we don´t really know if there is a future? 

My purpose for today was to not speak about life, although I know that´s what I do most of the time. Let´s get back on track with what I wanted to say. GUYS, relationships ARE NOT AN INVESTMENT. I say this because there are many times a guy would rather not be with me at all unless there’s some guarantee of becoming a couple or planning long-term goals together. Do you know what I mean? Yeah, "I don´t want to waste my time...", Whaaaat??? Waste? Excuse me, being with me even for 5 minutes is NEVER a waste! Do you get that? Haha, I am sure you do. Nothing about what you do is a waste, is it? You always learn something, and the most important thing is - if you are having fun, who cares about what happens tomorrow, right? Well, this may sound a bit too adventurous for some people, but if I have learnt something in life (haha, yes, back to THAT topic) it is to enjoy the present, regardless of what happens later. I may change my mind on this, of course, but right now, this is working and is helping me not to regret every single minute of my life. :) Beautiful right, I know, I know. I do say beautiful things. lol

Well this was my article for today, did not want to make it too long but easy to read.

Hope you enjoyed it!


PS. Recently I heard this quote which I thought was beautiful! It touched my heart.
"I'd rather be with you for 3 more weeks than not have you at all!"

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