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PICK UP ARTISTS around the world!

Guys, you are boring!

Actually, you are pretty good I have to say - by keeping the silence during a date, approaching us from the side or whatever techniques you apply, coming with "creative" sentences to call our attention... 

It´s awesome, but, of course there is a but! I really feel like you all sound the same. What about intuition, what about authenticity, are you forgetting this? What about YOU? Are you forgetting there is someone inside there? Listen to your voice, listen to yourself. Please

How do we do this?

If you don´t utilize what you have learnt at your PUA sessions you basically end up being a sheep, or another PUA guy. I  am not here to say how bad Pick Up guys are, not at all! I actually think what you guys do is awesome, very courageous. It helps to break the ice and for men that are insecure or have difficulties to approach women, it is an awesome exercise to do and to start with. But be smart, use it! Get feedback from what you have done and CREATE your own way to approach them next time. Being original will probably get you better results and even if it doesn´t, who wants a girl that can not see your potential or a girl that can not respect your personality??

Of course let me highlight something - if all you are looking for is sex, yeah I guess these techniques get you girls, plenty of them!
All I can really say to that is, CONGRATULATIONS! I do admire you guys! And I am not being sarcastic even though I have learnt a lot of that in UK.

This is courageous but is even more courageous to be yourself and not give a fuc* about what everyone else thinks about you! This includes the times you approach women and get no numbers at all, no fb name, nothing! But who cares? You, I guess.
You are doing your best to get them and you will, you just need to find the way that works for yourself.

You can learn techniques, rules, even models to follow, but every model is imperfect, you need to create your own after you learn the model, instead you are missing something, yourself.

Another point for these who are starting to believe or think that Pick Up is actually Sh*t, I was reading some time ago about our origins, yeah something I normally read - where we are coming from, God, bacteria's, universe... whatever and then I got this invaluable information that I am about to share... uhuhuh 

MEN LOOK FOR QUANTITY, WOMEN LOOK FOR QUALITY (Book: "Por qué somos como somos?", Author: Eduardo Punset), Spanish book, (really cool by the way).
Does this above sentence make sense to you right now? As I always say, it does not matter what science says if it does not make sense for you, but this time, I have to say, it does.
I am not going to speak about it because I could potentially write a whole article about it, but just take it/ use it if it makes sense to you. 
When guys count how many women they have been/ sleep with... Perhaps, we (women) should, maybe, understand this!? 
When, women doubt about if he is the right man, we (men) should, maybe, understand this?

I only want to say, well done for all these who have learnt these useful techniques, seriously! Now, make them yours!

Comments welcome!


  1. I can use the Tedy Bear sentence hahaha, is so good.

    About techniques and adaptation to each woman, I´ve learn that one of the best thinks that a men can do, is to be empathetic, so you can identify and support the quality that the woman is trying to develop.

    Most womans are always trying to improve something; appearance, be more sociable, more funny, better story telling, better language skills etc. And normally, the just need some encourage and to be trusted.

    If you help her to feel like the best version of herself, she´ll love to be with you.

    Then, another day, you just have to allow your new friend, to introduce her friend, the one that you like, and repeat the process.

    Good feedback of her friend (trust), plus nice feeling been around you, is usually a first good move :P

    PS. I´ll read the book.


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