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We are not cavemen...

Hey guys new writer contribution to the blog, your opinion is important to me, please let me know what you think!

We are entering a brave new liberal era, where boys and girls have finally declared peace on the war of sexes, divorces are not a shameful resolution, discussing periods doesn’t bring blushed faces and fathers leaving rooms and masturbation is a story genre in its own right. 

Seemingly (SEMENly...too far?) - because this feels more like a trend than a social movement - it's becoming  more and more popular to be ‘edgy’ and ‘courageously sarcastic’ in order to be cool and well liked. 

Boys make the common mistake of primarily basing the way they want others to see them on their appearance, using flirtatious showing off of guns and wash-board abs...not many complaints here right ladies? Dopamine eat your heart out...anyway! This is because men tend to think that this would also be the way women would flirt them. There is a traditional sense of men being pressured to flirt through actions, because they were the original hunter/gatherer, words show weakness and expose one’s vulnerabilities. So naturally men walked the thin line between confident and asshole (refer to earlier article) and somehow asshole turned into 'courageously sarcastic'. 

But how the tables have turned in recent years, I would personally put this down to the androgyny of fashion these days and the willingness to accept everyone with an open mind. The fact that you cannot tell whether that person who walked past was a flat chested girl or the prettiest guy you've seen to date doesn't matter. No one is bothered either way nowadays. 

But then you get the girls who have just a little too willingly accepted the role of the sarcastic one in the group, the guy who goes shopping with you and knows exactly what you should be wearing to hide your winter weight and still look smoking and those who you can't tell which gender they are as they walk past you on the street but damn was that jacket funky. The point is it is no longer just up to the guys to make the first move, we are all individually responsible for our flirtationships. This has put a whole new pressure on both sexes as it is more of a challenge as to who can be more aloof until the other gives in and makes the first move.

Non verbal flirting is considered the long distance, safe evaluator and it certainly has its place in the game but works better in the beginning of the process or the final stage of ‘going for it’. It also carries the risk of pseudo-flirting, a situation where a female gesture is misinterpreted as sexually suggestive, instead of just friendly as it was intended. More complications!

So step back and look at the bigger picture. Just because times have changed doesn’t mean we still need to present confidence with things we biologically possess. (Stop whacking it out in public guys, as previously mentioned no one cares, no one asked for proof, there's sex for that...) We are far away from our basic hunter-gather role and if you can’t put this into perspective go out and hunt for your regular 3 mixed meats (3 for £10 in Tesco) and reevaulate your life during the inevitable meat-sweats. 

As much as I try to keep this article subjective this article can be, it seems challenging, we would have to have a third, unprejudiced, uncolored middle sex to observe and explain to have a completely objective view and who knows maybe they eve prefer to mate amongst themselves?

We are not cavemen anymore (or is the politically correct term cave people?) and you don't have to be the strongest man to get a lady or visa versa. 


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